Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meeting the Poots!

Last week I got to meet up with the Poots (Amber and Scott) and their bud Mark irl (in real life)! They are the BEST!! Seriously! Amber is SO sweet and SO funny! And Scott, Scott takes funny to a whole new level! My face and belly hurt from laughing so hard at the story telling! The 2 photos below were taken at 3am after nonstop laughter, hints our sleepy, goofy smiles!
We did ZERO crafts, just told stories, ate, and laughed!
Amber, can't you just move here? She brought me two of her mom's prints, specifically Halloween prints! They are beautiful! It was so thoughtful! Thank you so much!
Amber and Scott's visit was wonderful! Wish we could have spent more time together, but that just means they'll have to come down again or I'll have to take a trip up to MO! These two Poots are too cute! I love me some Poots :)

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carly. said...

aw i love photos like that first one where you are both laughing so hard, no cheesy photo smiles, actual real smiles. so cute! looks like fun

Laurie Anne said...

How awesome! You and Amber are two of the nicest bloggers I have met and wish I could meet you both in the photos~genuine fun! xoxo

Laurie Anne said...
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Laurie Anne said...
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~kjirsten~ said...

Awesome that you all got to meet and that you had such a great time!!! They are a pretty neat couple! :)

Amber said...

Becky... you are too sweet!! Thanks for the kinds words. I am so glad we didn't send you running with all our crazy stories:) I had a blast and you are just a doll! I can't wait for us to hang out again. And you know the door is always open at Poot Manor:) Please come soon....we can craft...cook...and shop away! Yay and of course tell more stories.
And you can meet the "Gem of Missouri" Woot!
**I look so delirious and silly in these photos!**