Monday, July 12, 2010

Mi Familia

Stoked because I finally finished the border on my lil Maggle's (mom) Mother's Day Blanket! She loved it and curled up with it right away! Those rippled borders are time consuming! I was thinking, for all you gals who want to learn to crochet, I didn't know how to crochet this time last year - I had no idea if you used one hook or two!! So you can totally learn to crochet!!!
I just had to post this photo of my Dad and Mickey! It cracks me up! They are BFFs! Larry Farley is a good man for all we (farley kids) put him though (nothing terrible really)! He has Mickey, Pumpkin (my sister's dog), and Max the means chihuahua you'll ever meet all at his house. My dad swears he's gonna trade all 3 in for 1 real dog one day! Never! :)
Thanks Larbear!
Hope everyone had a great Monday!
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PaisleyJade said...

Well done - I love it!!!

-heather- said...

absolutely FREAKING cute! i love these colors together.. if you still remember what they are please let me know! you are doing such an amazing job- finishing multiple blankets & what not. I am totally jealous.

apparentlyjessy said...

Wowzers! I love the finished blanket! It is so big...I am very impressed, cause that would have taken some serious dedication to finish! I bet your mum is thrilled with it :)

Becky Farley said...

Thank you ladies!!! :)
Heather, tonight I will look the colors up and email them to you and post them!
Little Chelseybell, I would be honored! I've been thinking you need one!! :)

Christine said...

Hi Becky!
How are you? I've been out of the bloging world for awhile, and suddenly I missed all my online friends:)your blog just keeps on getting better girl!
love from norway