Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Strumpet's Blanket of a Different Color Giveaway!

Still time to signup and win a handmade crocheted blanket!!
I wish I had enough time, hands, energy, and yarn to let everyone win, but then I'd be performing in carnival side shows because of my multiple hands ;)
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heather dawn said...

silly! i wish i had more hands! for sure! ya know... we should do another granny square swap. this time have TONS of squares & a color scheme so everyone could have enough to make a pretty blanket!

and I got your mail yesterday! so pretty!!! i love the tampa picture!! I added it to the wall! ;)

and and when do i find the time to read? LOL! I make time! I read in the car, on my lunch break, if its slow at work, before i go to bed, in the bath, while doodle takes a nap. it seems like i read more in the car though. i notice that when I'm reading a lot, I'm not really doing anything else. No crafting, housework.. i just let things slip. It's a bad habit. :(

Holly Knitlightly said...

Beckyyyyyyy! I got my package in the mail today! I was so happy, haha. I was on my way to class so I just brought it with me and opened it up once I got there! Thanks SO much!! I'm going to write you back ASAP! I love everything! Thank you thank you thank you!! :)