Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tomorrowland by iPhone 4

Have you ever been to Epcot? It's my first Disney theme park - fun and educational! Tomorrowland is the 1950's take on the future - and I LOVE it! Tomorrowland is here, thanks to Apple!
I've had my iPhone 4 for a bit now, but my sister just got one. I never really use the face time function til now! Lauren and I face timed yesterday, meaning while we were on the phone together we could see each other! It was awesome!!! I got to see her new apartment and her pretty face!! You can only use it with wifi, but there's a crack to use it anytime (we don't have that...yet!). This is how you view face time, the main screen is what Lauren shows me and then there's a tiny box to show what she sees (my face) - pretty cool!
Face time!!!!
My sister texted me, "I feel very futuristic!" and it's true! It's crazy! Every solider overseas should be given an iPhone 4 so they can see their families (or just brought back home). If you have a friend or family member who lives far away get this phone :) it's soooo neat! Now I'll I want is teleportation please! Figure that out Apple!
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Amber said...

How cool!!! And I love her apartment. I so need the new phone so we can talk like this and I can give you a very quick tour:) of poot manor! Ha!

P.S. I love that you want a ferris wheel at your wedding! Please invite Two Poots!! How cool! Oh and if you don't ever find that impala you can borrow my dads for you two to drive off in:)

LoloSr said...

My carpet almost looks clean here. I wish the whole fam had iPhone 4s...that would be so awesome! Facetimefacetimefacetimefacetime!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I only like the new iPhone for that feature! SO FREAKING AWESOME! :)

amy lapi said...

haha i wouldn't even be surprised if apple figured out teleportation.

i love your idea of giving one to soldiers!

heather dawn said...

i am having some serious tech envy right now!

Holly Knitlightly said...

That's so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!! Does it cost more to do that?

Ps. check out this cool new button I added on my blog! :) Haha.

Moe said...

This phone is just so awesome. I still can't believe face time exists! I feel like I am in epcot every time I think of it. Its just so awesome!

I want one so bad...I just got a touch and it already solves all of my problems whoah :)

~kjirsten~ said...

You are making me soooo excited! I have wanted the iphone for the past two upgrades and haven't done it...but this time my hubby says that I am getting one! :D Nov 3rd is the big upgrade day and I am pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

christina said...

i have one too its awesome im so happy my boyfriend is stationed in virgina for 9 months this has made it easier!!! i love it!!
i feel crazy sometimes walking holding my phone up and my friends think im crazy lol or other people are staring
but they just dont understand how cool it is