Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Boy Toys

Gifts for a new baby boy! 
Baby Boy Toys
One crocheted blanket, one Goodnight Moon book (every baby should have this book ps), and one completely cute stuff giraffe toy (and a few onesies and Target gift card - boring)! I wasn't sure what to give for a babyshower gift, so I asked my Nanny. She said, "big clothes; never newborn clothes!" I feel like I'm uncharted territory, I've only been to  babyshowers as a kid, not as a grownup! Like do I get the mom a gift or just a gift for the baby? Does this sound silly? I'm just learning, one day I'll HAVE to know all this, but until then I've keep asking Nanny or Mags ;)
Baby Boy Toys
Isn't the giraffe the best? Sorta wanted to keep him - I didn't ;) 
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corrina darling said...

those are all great gifts! i used blankets all the time, and acrylic is great because babies iz messy, yo. machine washable stuff is a must! and, handmade is always even lovelier.

you're nanny is totally right about the clothes, too. newborn sized clothes are not worth it. i had probably over a dozen onesies that i never even used because my son just grew out of stuff faster than i could dress him. i probably had him in 3-6 month stuff after the first month.

also, baby showers are all about gifting parents stuff for their babies (so they don't have to spend even more money than they already will). gifts for the babies are gifts to the parents!

Play Safe Kids said...

Toys that have sounds will intrigue the baby, yet keep in mind that you'll be required to deal with the tunes! Designs which mix numerous sections or different parts, such as stacking blocks, offer stimulation.

Baby Toys

Kat said...

That is too cute! I agree with the bigger sized clothes thing. Everyone goes mad buying clothes for baby showers so if you do buy clothes get something that is a bit bigger that they will grow into. I also prefer to buy stuff for their rooms because people don't tend to think of that.

Molly Le Blanc said...

Beautiful beck and LOVE the lil giraffe :) Always buy clothes a tad bigger - def no NB clothes unless it is insanely cute!

MandiCoulter said...

i want to see the blanket! :) i have a few expecting girlfriends right now and babyshowers are so much fun!

O. said...

How cute, everything matches. I love that blanket too, perfect gift for someone expecting a little one.