Monday, September 27, 2010

Button, button, button who's got the button?

Strumpet's buttons! Pretty cute thanks to Button Arcade.
button button who's got the button
I got together a few designs and tada, Kyle got them turned into buttons like that *snap*! 
Strumpet Buttons
Did you know specific ferris wheels and carnival rides are called Big Eli? They are! Next time you're at a fair or carnival look at the logos on the rides. The gang and I thought it was very awesome since we have a very special little one named Eli in our lives! 
Big Eli Button
I've sent out a bunch of supplies for the Strumpet's craft supply swap, which is awesome because now all those supplies will have nice home and get used! I did find something on there that caught my eye, this awesome mushroom fabric from Erica! It's so cute! Thanks so much Erica! 
mushroom fabric from Erica <3
Anyone else receive there swap supplies yet? Maybe we should make a Strumpet's supplies in use flickr group! The swap is ongoing so get over to Strumpet's Craft Supply Swap and get to swap'n! 
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heather dawn said...

I'm in the process of a swap! I just sent out an item from my etsy for some LOVELY supplies!! I can't wait to get it! There were sooo many things I wanted/needed! AND some LEGOS! lol. The hubs wants those.

the buttons are amazing!! and those pictures are delicious!

O. said...

I love those one inch buttons. I've been slacking in my craft supply swap photo taking, I'm going to try and get organized this week.

SalemMomma said...

Those buttons are cute! I have some more stuff to post to the swap, but just haven't been able to get pictures up. Hopefully this week.

Lindsay said...

I love Love your buttons!! Kyle does mine too and sooooo quick!!!! Love Love!! We should do a button swap!! :)

Lindsay C said...

I love these buttons, they look great together!

Hearthandmade said...

i love them!! ive never made any buttons. all the buttons i get end up on my pinboard :) i love your designs

Holly Knitlightly said...

Aw, these are such cute buttons! Love 'em!

Shani said...

Holy cute!!!! I love love love them.

<3 Shani

p.s. I need your address. Please and Thank you!

sdillondesign said...

My special someone is named Eli! Cute buttons!

erica1228 said...

awe, I love the buttons. And I'm glad you like the fabric. keep me updated with what you do with it...i'm sure it will be lovely!

Becky Farley said...

shani - I miss you ;)
I'll email you!

Steph! Really! I'm sending you some of these asap! :)