Thursday, September 16, 2010

deer ones

Oh little deer!
As you all know (because it's all I've been blogging about) my Nanny's 80th birthday is Saturday! Well my little cousin drove down from North Carolina this week, and they aren't so little anymore! My cousin Liddy is 12 and my height; she's 5'4! Andy is 11 and just a bit shorter, but not for long I'm sure! It's so crazy to see them all grownup! I'm sure my Uncle and Aunt think the same of my siblings and me! Just so crazy how time flies! On a just as exciting and awesome note Lauren and Danny are coming home today!! Can't wait! Just so excited! :)
Hope your Thursday is just wonderful!!!!
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lydia. said...

Have fun with your family! :)
And I love the name Liddy!
Is it her real, full name? Or a nickname?
A lot of people call me Lyddi, too.
Just...spelled different! :)


the perfect pear said...

I love that deer. And do wish your Nanny a happy 80th for me :) haha I just awarded you for the Sunshine Blog award! Go check it out :)

katiebug92 said...

I also nominated you for a blog award!