Monday, September 27, 2010

Zombie Pillow

Quilting day was Sunday at my Aunt Jack-o-Lantern's house! I didn't get alot of quilting completed because I was busy making a Zombie Head Pillow by special request!
It was inspired by our new Whack-a-Zombie from the Poots! Thank you Poots! You're the best! The pink top part of the head is brains overflowing and there are also brains hanging out of the Zombie's mouth there - lovely! We didn't use a pattern (obviously), we just made shapes that looked like parts of a face, and tada a Zombie Head Pillow! Please note the X's on his eyes - he's straight dead! Get it!!! That was for all you lil straight edgers ;) Not only did we full it with the white fluff filler, we also collected the extra thread and scraps from all the lovely quilting ladies! Ps extra thread and scraps = guts! Oh we also made zigzag stitches on his face with the sewing machine, and then asked ourselves, "who stitched up a zombie? Another zombie? A zombie doctor?" Any ideas? ;) Next monster pillow will be a frankenstien for sure! So how are you getting ready for Halloween!?
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Velma said...


O. said...

I need to learn how to quilt.

Good thing you guys know how to speak zombie since you now have a zombie head hanging around.

Lindsay said...

LOVE it!!! so much!

Thera Joyce said...

SO freakin' cute Becky! I love them!

elycia said...

becky! that is adorable! you are so creative :)

Amber said...

Tee hee!!
So funny! I can't wait to see the frankenstein pillow!
Glad you are enjoying your whack a zombie:) You should feed it your pickle mints.

The Zombie Crafter said...

totally cute! I especially love his eyes.