Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Flowers for the Table

Fall is creeping in! It was 63 degrees when I woke up today - that's nuts - I live in FL and we have Christmases that aren't 63 degrees! So I went grocery shopping today and got a good size pumpkin to carve later in the week, apple cider, wheat - yup wheat for flowers for the table centerpiece, 3 mini pumpkins, and ice cream, because ice cream is always purchased when I go to the grocery store ;) We also painted wooden bats, made haunted bird houses - birds are gonna love that I bet, went for a walk to collect "fall" or in our case "fallen" leaves, because our leaves don't really change colors, and made monster eyes - our version of gods eye kids make with yarn and sticks! We made ours with yarn and chop sticks from Pei Wei - we love Pei Wei! Oh and our family theme (picked by my incredibly creative brother Danny - eyeroll -jk danny) is dead things! It's like a wild card, so many options! We're gonna be mummys, I need to get crack'n on costumes! Leave some "dead things" ideas please! :) I'm sure the Farley family will appreciate them! 
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Gina said...

im going pumpking picking this sunday, im very excited :)

& now i want some pretty wheat flowers!

the little owls in your centerpiece are adorable

apparentlyjessy said...

I love your fall centrepiece Becky! I think the wheat in the mason jar is a great idea.
I am used to warm Christmas's too of course, the traditional roast dinner is sometimes ridiculous causes its so damn hot!
Hehe, I am loving playing scrabble with you, finding a notification its my turn so sporadically is pretty fun! Total luck that I won that last game, you kicked my butt in the first one! But now, if you are getting help from Eli, I have no hope of winning, kids are so good at that sort of thing!!
Hope your sneezles go away, I reckon you can get hay fever in fall too!

O. said...

Where is the world did you find wheat? Grant and I love Pei Wei, I wish there was one closer.

Becky Farley said...

thanks Gina! :)

Jessy, I love playing scrabble with you too! Plus I feel like we're getting one over on the phone company by texting through the game ;)

Olivia, Publix!! It's over in the produce section! I forgot to get the cinnamon brooms they have - you know those? They make the whole house smell so good!
And yes the only Pei Wei I know is in S. Tampa - so good!

danny said...

hahaahhaha i won! I'll have to start thinking of the best costume :) see you soon sis love you

Hearthandmade said...

they are lovely! i did the same kind of thing on my coffee table.. only with a candle and some yarn balls! I need to think of a halloween costume... i also really want to get some pumpkin shapes. Those are so cute!

Amber said...

What a cute centerpiece. I want to come paint spooky things with you and Eli!!! Sounds fun!!

I just love the mini pumpkins. I would take them all home with me if I could:)

chelseybell. said...

dead things just reminds me of the goonies.

"they got daddy long legs in 'em! and dead things, mikey, dead things!"

love the centerpiece!

Thera Joyce said...

Love the center piece! cute cute cute!

Illustrated Ink said...

Becky, you amaze me! How do you find time for all of your crafting and centerpiece making? The wheat looks lovely in the centerpiece, great idea. You go, girl!

Molly Le Blanc said...

Beck I love your center piece - you are so good!!

Holly Knitlightly said...

What an awesome idea for a centerpiece! You're so creative Becky, I love it!

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