Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DIY Halloween Greeting Cards

I LOVE Halloween! Could you tell? ;)
I may love Halloween more than Christmas - seriously! Here are my reasons:
1. Halloween colors are way more awesome then green and red
2. You can be ANYTHING on Halloween!!
3. My whole family dresses up, plays games, eats great food, and listens to Monster Mash!
4. Jack-O'lanterns!! Candy!! Candy Apples! Apple Cider!
5. Trick or Treating - as a kid it was the highlight of my year! Running around the neighborhood with your parents and best buds getting to eat all the candy you can imagine!
Mostly it's just a great excuse to hang out with family and remind them how much I love them!
So for the past couple years I've been making Merry Halloween cards and postcards to remind the gang I'm thinking of them! Here are last years!
Now this year I decided to take a few of my letterpress letters and stamp them on to the cards! I have a small collection on letterpress letters and fingers crossed one day I'll have my own letterpress!! Though I am reminded by my sweetheart that I have a letterpress haha, but it's a 40x50 foot full color press (I work at a print co.) and it's just not the same as the old style letterpresses! ;) So for now I'll use the letters as stamps! And if you don't have letterpress letters, I know Michael's sells stamps of the alphabet or sponge letters, or better yet look on etsy supplies! Oh and I also got the green cards at Michael's (40% off coupon - never buy anything without it)! 
I bought a stamp pad in black and silver. Unfortunately the silver didn't work well at all! 
I like the way they turned out! Maybe I'll use the silver to stamp stars on the front of them! 
So there you go! What do you think!? I have black envelopes! Think that adds a spooooky touch! At least this year there's no blood splattered envelopes - that was messy! ;) I loved them so much though!

A few things: First, I CANNOT believe I have 499 followers! That's completely nuts - it makes me so stoked! I hope you all enjoy the crafts I share with you, because I LOVE all your comments! I read each and everyone of them! You guys are soooo awesome! Thank you so much for visiting and interacting with me! I've met such amazing people in blogland :) So as soon as I get the 500th follower - we're having Strumpet's Crumpets a giveaway!! Get stoked! It's gonna be good! :)

I wish you all a happy 19 days til Halloween! May they be filled with cool breezes and fun, spooky family decorating!!! Sweet Dream Kiddos! Oh and ps if you like this DIY project, you should sign up for the It's Fall Y'all Craft Class - it's be be super awesome -promise!!! 
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erica1228 said...

i love love love those colors for halloween. super cute!

Campfire Chic said...

Very cool! I love the color card you chose, you're right, Halloween's colors are way better than xmas!

katiebug92 said...

Those cards are way cool! and it also looks like you it 500 followers, so congrats!!


Amber said...

Congrats girl on the 500 followers! The cards are adorbale. I have your party invitation displayed in my entry way to scare everyone:) I love it...wish two poots could be there:(

And yes.....join in on the It's Fall Y'all class...amazing projects for sure!!

Bekka said...

They look great!

Erin said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing.

Hearthandmade said...

i saw these on the flickr group and almost squealed! i love them so much!

Holly Knitlightly said...

LOOOOOOOOOVE these Becky! Amazing job! And congratulations on now 510 followers!! SO AWESOME!!

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i love love love those colors for halloween. super cute!
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