Friday, October 29, 2010

Strumpet's Halloween Decorations

Here are some halloween photos for you!
Near the front door! Halloween flash tattoo art by Thomas Kenney, husband to the very talented Heidi Kenney from MyPaperCrane! Such a pretty home when we come home!
We paint bird houses, but because Halloween is near we made haunted bird houses! ;)
These bats are probably my very favorite!! I found them at Michael's for around a $1 each. The little one and I painted them and hung them on the dining room fan! I haven't turned the fan on yet - that should be interesting if I do by mistake!
Oh and the last, but NOT least.....FRANKENPUMPKIN!!!! Pretty awesome!! There's a little (prepicked) pumpkin patch near us and this was our pick! I NEVER have cash on me, which I should keep $10 with me at all times, but I don't! So this patch only took cash, and we found $5 in change and a few ones and TADA we brought FRANKENPUMPKIN home! Don't you want one? I want ten ;) Do you have frankenpumpkins in your town? Fingers crossed you do! 
Halloween is almost here how are you getting ready? I have to make costumes tomorrow! And bake a bunch of scary tasty goodies! Wish me luck!! ;)
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sdillondesign said...

That flash art is great!

Alycia (The Curious Pug) said...

i'm in love with the flash tattoo art! such a cool thing to have :) said...

i love your decorations! i wish stores by me sold frankenpumpkins. just the fairy tale variety. but those are also my faves.

i want to make one into a carriage this weekend :)

Jenny S said...

I love it all... you are my favourite for Halloween stuff! xo

chelseybell. said...

i love those kind of pumpkins! back in my hometown we call them fairy tale pumpkins--which I'm sure if your frankenpumpkin had a fairy godmother he would be.

love your decorations!