Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Custom Afghans

Little Frankenstein Blanket
This custom afghan is for the lovely Fancy Lady - go check out her cookies ;) 
She asked me to make a custom giant granny square blanket for her and I was more than excited and happy to! She picked out these four colors above; purple, lime green, white, and black. I still have Halloween on the brain and those 4 colors together reminded me of a great Halloween Hero, Frankenstein, but a sweet cute little Frankenstein - hence the name I gave it! I love it so much!
Would you like a custom afghan? I am able to take a few more orders before Nov. 20th, so if you're at all interested email me right away - becksorange (at)! Tell me how many colors you want (I have ALL the "I Love This Yarn" worsted yarn colors), how large you want it to be, how quick you need it, etc. and I will get back to you super quick! Here are some of the afghans I've made.
I hope your Wednesday was wonderful! Mine was good, though my eye hurt all day - weird huh? Sinus pain may? It's just one eye, the right one. Maybe I should wear my glasses more ;)
Ok so email me tonight and tomorrow if your interested in a blanket! 
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PaisleyJade said...

Oooo - I love it!!

deb@virginia blue said...

Your afghans are all so beautiful!! Love your blog, too... so happy to have another creativity junkie to add to my blogroll :)


heather dawn said...

how in the WORLD are you making these blankets so QUICK!? you have got to share your secrect! and i do love these colors! so pretty!

Amber said...

I am going to give you the mom lecture now and say "You need to wear your glasses more":) That is all! XOXO

chelseybell. said...

this afghan is so pretty--and the colors are totally frankenstein, but cute frankenstein :).

The Fancy Lady said...

your the best this is even better than i imagined!im so excited for this

Becky Farley said...

:) eekk Amanda I love it!! I'll ship it Monday or Tuesday for you!! I'll be sad to see it go, but certainly glad you'll be the new owner!

~kjirsten~ said...

Love it Becky! The colors are great! I love I love this yarn and while my mom was here this week I got her hooked as well!!