Sunday, November 28, 2010

the Elf on a Shelf

This is such a wonderful gift for a special little one and their family - the Elf on the Shelf book
elf on a shelf
Eli's grandma gave us our little elf and book! It's pretty darn cute! The book about an elf who watches your kiddos actions before Christmas for Santa comes with a little elf that "moves" around the house, because the elf reports to Santa at night while everyone is sleeping! My dad said to put him in crazy places like the fridge ha!! Oh Larbear! I will don't worry! Our elf's name is Pitt :) Pitt the Elf haha! Cute!
Leave comments with your ideas on where the elf should "move". 

Tomorrow I will have Farley Thanksgiving photos - always fun ;) 
Thank you ALL again for your love and sweet comments on Brian and mine's engagement
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Nicola said...

I sort of find the elf watching you idea creepy. I'm totally oversensitive.

You should put him in your washing machine (don't turn it on!), just have him staring out of the glass door.

Becky Farley said...

Hehe!!! I agree, but this kiddo loves zombies and mummies, so creepy equals cool ;) plus maybe he'll behave while the elf is watching ha!! Your idea is cute! Thank you!

skarletgrrl said...

I love Elf on a Shelf! I have known some school librarian friends who have done this! Cute blog! Just popped over form FN!

Moe said...

I just heard about this over thanksgiving because my cousin has a three year old. Never even knew about it. Such a cute idea to keep the kiddos in line :) :)

O. said...

I've never heard of elf on a shelf. He's so cute and it will be fun finding him places to hide. We have a treasure troll that hides around the house, it has provided years of enjoyment.

Alyssa said...

that is such a cool idea!

Now im thinking of fun places to find him but the only place i can think is on the toilet top thing but that would be a bit odd weeing and having a little elf watching... ill keep brain storming!

tamara said...

visiting from FN

the elf is fun!

The embrodiery you have featured on FN made me laugh out loud:)


Amber said...

Our friends have this and put it crazy places. You should try the mailbox, dryer, and hang him from a light fixture too:)
How fun!!

taylormadenews said...

i love, love, LOVE elft on a shelf! i don't have kids but i still want to get one.. haha
make him hide in someone's shoes, or in their bed.