Wednesday, November 17, 2010

gifts for girls

Last year I don't think I went in a mall once for a Christmas gift and this year I plan on doing the same! Last night I was making my Christmas gift list, I start with the easiest people first - my sister and close gal friends. Things that glitter will make them smile! 
I know Lauren would love a pair of these Glided Herringbone Toms - why because we talked about it and she specifically told me ;) 
I am in LOVE with this necklace, how could you not be!? It's perfect for sisters and special friends! -family if you were wondering I LOVE this specific necklace ;) just making things easier for you!

Things that are handmade with LOVE and care! 

Skunkboy Creatures will be having an ornament update very soon! I hope to get this lil guy for someone I love or for myself ;) 
I love every single thing from Illustrated Ink's etsy shop! Think you will too!
  Leila's blog is very awesome ps!

Maybe a warm and cosy afghan for a perfect gift!! 

What great gift ideas do you have for sisters or buds? Maybe gifts for their kitchen!
Very pretty dish towels by Anna Maria Horner - she's my favorite fabric designer!
Also her VERY perfect pillows are on sale!! 

Ok so let me hear your ideas! 
Oh if you haven't yet - go signup to swap crafty ornaments with me and the girls here
Hope your Wednesday was a good one! I'm still wishing there was more day light in the day! I get out of work and it's dark and I just wanna go home and put pjs on! Are you all having this problem too!?

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misslarissabree said...

I just love toms.. they are my favourite ! comfiest pair of shoes ever! and love the necklace might have to get one!

Becky said...

I love making gifts for people, so whatever I stitch throughout the year is eventually given as gifts...but I also really love getting homemade gifts. My mom really instilled that in me when I was growing up...she even used to make little outfits for my dolls.
I think you are so right about not going to a's OK for some odds and ends but generally so unimaginative!

Windsor Grace said...

I'm not a big TOMs fan, but I do love that necklace. It's amazing!

Katelyn said...

Lovin' the Toms! I asked Santa for the Pomegranite colored ones :)
Got my sister the special Movember ones with the mustache (she loves anything with a you can't go wrong!).

Laura said...

ooo I love those toms.. and that necklace! I have a few of those stones... maybe I should make jewelry out of them :)

danny said...

i hope youre thinking of boys fresents too :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Love toms! The snail ornament is the best little cutie ornament.

Hearthandmade said...

yes please! to everything! especially the toms!

miss teacups. said...

all great and pretty ideas. i am totally doing the same this year. i already have mikey done and bought everything online and a few friends done as well. the only one i will have to go into a mall for is my mum as she wants a tea set from davids tea and i can't order that online/we have one in the mall here...but i love shopping online. malls are too hectic and un-original anyway!!

Amber said...

I love everything on this list. The toms are amazing!! I want another pair...but I am sure poot will think I have enough pairs of shoes. LOL.

That necklace is to die for!!! I have a feather necklace on my wish list but this one is so beautiful.

Anna is my favorite fabric designer too.

YOu know my thoughts on the darkness...hate it!

sdillondesign said...

That necklace is so beautiful! I hope your family gets the hint :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

if i don't get those toms i think i'll cry, and i should probably plan on a lot of tears since my husband NEVER buys me anything online (because he waits until december 23 to start shopping).

Joan said...

They're all lovely..
you're sooo sweet! :)

apparentlyjessy said...

I hate Christmas shopping at the Mall too, I get stressed and anxious in the crowds, and hate carrying all the heavy bags around!
So due to being rather cash strapped this year I am making everything for Christmas! Woo, the next few weeks are going to be spent in front of the sewing machine!! I love Anna Maria Horner fabric too :)

Hey aren't boys hard to make gifts for!