Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Paper Crafts - the Mickey edition!

If you are new to Strumpet's Crumpets, you may not know that I have a fat little Maltese named Mickey. He is the goofiest pup and I love him so much! So much in fact I turn him into arts and crafts or I ask my talented friends to! Here are just a few odes to Mickey- here, herehere, and here! He has his own Flickr set called Puppy Love. I understand how nutty making your dog into to art is - trust me, but I don't care! ha! Once the very sweet and very talented, Steph Dillon design this Mickey illustration! She gave it to me in the sweetest way possible - read here! So I took that awesome illustration and put together a Cubee Mickee!! He turned out pretty darn cute (helps that Steph is an amazing designer)!

Mickey likes car rides to Starbucks, not going for walks, but rather be carried on walks, he loves to snuggle and get all the attention he can! Oh and treats! 
Cubee Mickee
I've been really loving paper crafts for the past week, so I decided to go through my Flickr and make a Print & Paper Craft set, here it is

Pretty simple cube art! Just print, cut, score, and build! 
Paper Crafting
Daniel at my office has already made a bunch of these, but now Dave put this fellow together -see his added touch here! We want to make a giant cubee craft using the large format printer and cardboard! I hope it happens! What other paper craft ideas do you all have!? I want to hear em!
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kat ann said...

oh my that is too cute! i want one of my ca! lol

S and R said...

I am so gonna have to make one of these!! You're so clever Becky! Thanks on the tips for the iPhone pix - I'll give it a whirl in word/publisher. If I end up tearing my hair out I'll send you some pix :) Maybe I'll just have to buy photoshop too!
Thanks again, you're a doll!
Tone -

O. said...

oh mickey you're so darn cute.

PaperCameraScissor said...

oh my gosh these are so so cute. I could see me using a couple for christmas gifts ( stuffing something cute inside)for my daughter because her doggie Gizmo looks just like Mickey--:) heehee

Holly Knitlightly said...

This is ADORABLE!!!!!!! Bahahaha ! I love it.