Friday, November 12, 2010

You better not cry, Better not pout I'm telling you why..........

Krampus is coming to town!!!!!!! To collect all the bad boys and girls!! 
Well with Halloween over I've been a bit bummed, but that's all changed since I've learned about Krampus, thanks to Miss Larissa Bree!!! Thank you again ;) 
So the Krampus helps Santa with the bad kids! Just look at him!! He's a lil demon! Ha! Some crazy adults thought this was a good idea to keep kids in line?! I love it! Oh so I found this awesome paper toy, printed it out, and put him together!! Please note the terrified child in his wicker basket!!! Bahahaha! 
Krampus Christmas!
Dave at my office was nice enough to print out a huge Krampus mask for me!! So stop threatening your kids with Santa not coming, threaten them with the Krampus coming if they don't watch it!
Photo Booth fun with the Krampus Mask
Well now I know what I want on my Christmas cards this year - The Krampus! I can't wait! ;) 
Hope your weekend is wonderful! Did any of you know about this Krampus fellow and not tell me? lol He's my new favorite Christmas icon! :)
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misslarissabree said...

AHAHAHAHA!!! Becky this is amazing!!!! I love this so much.. How do I make one of those?!

Becky Farley said...

:) I shoulda added that! Duh! lol
Thank you for introducing me to Mr. Krampus!! :)

Sonya Zombiee said...

I LOVE the Krampus! He's just so creepy and hilarious.
That is such an awesome mask!

Katie said...

My husband rounded up a bunch of Krampus imagery a few years ago here:

And I made him a knitted Krampus:

the perfect pear said...

haha I had a laugh at this! thats just too funny! :)
p.s. I am doing a craft challenge over at my blog! I'd love it if you'd join in! here are the details, let me know :)

Becky Farley said...

hehe I love the Krampus LOVE ;)

Lisa said...

I thought you might be interested..teefury (awesome place fore t-shirts btw) is currently selling a Krampus t-shirt. The thing is, it is only for today!

Anyways, it is a cute shirt and with your newfound Krampus love, thought I'd share.

eef said...

omg, how did i miss this before?

Krampus is the scariest shit!

I went in Berchtesgaaden uhm... two years ago now? Good god, being chased down the streets by monsters with whips while you are drunk is terrifying and AWESOME. lol