Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 years later....

I finally finished an ornament for my aunt! Have you ever done this? Started a project ages ago and not touch it for years, then one day boom finish it! This little star was tricky and drove me nutty when I first started it, but last night I picked it up and TADA! Here's a similar star ornament one I make 2 years ago. 
What projects do you have like this? I have 3 quilts that are stuck in that unfinished stage - here, here, and here! Maybe I'll pick up a new [old] project tonight! 
Hey don't forget to enter the Crocheted Star Garland handmade by me! :) 
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{eleise} said...

OOO...it's cute!

PS.Don't worry, I'm still finishing up projects from last Christmas too! =)

harmonybatham said...

oh gosh-I don't even want to begin to list my unfinished projects! I don't mind having them though-they kind of turn into old friends that you visit now and then:) and we all know some friends are harder to be around than others haha!

Allie O'Bannon said...

that's the cutest thing!

also, i have about a million projects backed up. it's no good.

apparentlyjessy said...

What a pretty ornament it is! I can see why you put it off, it does look really fiddly to sew!
You should finish off the graveyard quilt, its really pretty, and it looks the closest to finished out of the three!

Amber said...

Woo hoo for finishing it last night. I still owe Kerry a giant granny afghan from last chrismtas. Ooops!

Miranda said...

wow that one is beautiful! I have the same issue with some crafts, they frustrate me and then I leave them for months and one day, bam! they are done.

George said...

Looks good! Doesn't it feel good to finally finish it! Ha. Awesome!

Raised By Wolves

sdillondesign said...

The ornaments are beautiful! You are so talented.I can't quilt, I don't have the patience or the space! Yours are stunning even unfinished! I know what you mean about having unfinished projects.I have a few and many many paintings that have not seen daylight in some time.

Hearthandmade said...

i do that alll the time! sometmies they just never get finished!! i love it!