Friday, December 17, 2010

And the winner is......

Crocheted Star Garland Giveaway!
Larissa! Wootwoot!!! View the winner selection here! I told him to pick a number 1 thru 80 (that's you guys) and he picked 6! Larissa Bree!!! Go figure, he's 6, so of course 6!! ps he had no clue what he was picking a number for, so it was completely random :) 
We had our office party today and it was quite amazing! I can't wait to show you photos!!! Too sleepy tonight! I hope you all had a very wonderful Friday!
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Alyssa said...

hopefully random things turn up in her packaging too :) x

misslarissabree said...

oh my!!! This is the bestest thing in the world! Thanks so much!! CUTEST VIDEO IN THE WORLD TOO!