Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorating!

Sometimes I forget how much I love Christmas! I'm feeling extra spirited lately! 
lights <3
Growing up we used white lights most of the time! Mags (mom) was big on white lights everywhere! I do LOVE white lights too, but this year I went in the opposite direction! Big, colorful bulbs! 
Bright side - I love the look. Down side - they are HOT (makes me a bit nervous)!
Christmas Tree 2010
I saved some big bulbs for the mantle! Here are a few of my favorite ornaments - here and here! And here is our Tiny Toy Tree! It's not 100% finished yet!
We took a break, made pizza, and had s'mores!! I ate way toooo many! 
Christmas Tree 2010
We needed a ladder to put the topper on! I want to make a new star, that one was just one I had when I had my white Christmas tree! Any good star topper tutorials!? Oh and I'm making a tree skirt tonight! I think I had a pattern in one of my sewing books! I need to double check! 
There you go! This is our festive Christmas tree! Full view here
Newest Pitt (the elf) moves - here and here!
How's your decorating coming along? 

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Carrie said...

I love your decorations!!!

Out on a limb said...

Ok, so...
I love your little white Christmas tree. I think its so cute and creative!
And as for a star, you might get some ideas from here....


Michelle Elkins said...

ok love your blog and your christmas decor!!!!!

Amber said...

I love the tree! And that you roasted marshmellows in your fireplace. Too cute!

Okay... so I hear ya on the big lights. I love the way they look but I get paranoid too. Just make sure you unplug them every night:) I sound like Mags probably huh? Ha!

Tishous said...

Cozy Christmas decorating is the best! I'm so jealous of your fireplace right now :)

Love all of your holiday decor!

miss teacups. said...

oh beck, it's so cute. i love your mantle and fireplace...and that obey poster (we have some up in our place too. they are great!) your home looks so warm and cozy...i can't wait til mikey and i have a home...a real one! haha, does that make sense?

leyla said...

My sister-in-law just used wired ribbon to make a bow, then hid some lights behind it to light it up. Super simple but I was surprised at how cute it turned out.

Windsor Grace said...

Very cute decorations! I wasn't going to decorate this year, but I have been encouraged to by my family. I think I just might.

Miranda said...

I am also on the hunt for a good tree topper craft. Mine right now is a paper angel, but I prefer Stars and something homemade.

Hearthandmade said...

I made a doily star for my topper!