Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Farley Family Cookie Day 2010

Farley Family Cookie Day 2010
This past Sunday was our family's Farley Family Cookie Day. Above we are picking out recipes! Mostly the kids just decorate the sugar cookies, see here. Look how stoked Mickey is!! This day (for me) comes in a very close 2nd to Halloween as favorite day of the year! Halloween still being my favorite! 
This was the 25th year we've made cookies with my aunt Jackie, crazy huh!? My aunt Jackie said next year I have to host, bahahaha I don't have her patience! There's no way! Plus she knows everything about baking, our cookies would be gross if I hosted! Trust me!
Here are a few of the cookies we made! Lauren's bff Amber came to cookie day! Every year at least one of our good friends comes over to help! Amber is like a Farley kid anyways!
Some iPhone photos - 1. Eli being cute 2. me and Mickey 3. Lauren's purple upside down lady gaga cross with high heel sprinkles 4. Danny freaking Lauren out with a bear hug! Awwww my family! I love them so much! Here's last year's cookie day photo! And 2008! 2007! 2006! Oh and 2005!!
Thank you Aunt Jackie and Travo for another WONDERFUL cookie day!! Till next year!
Does your family have a cookie day or a day during the holidays just for fun/cooking/shopping?!
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BEER said...

I have to say that I came across your stuff from Steph. When you got her peacock tat on your arm. Great work btw. I found myself lost in your blog and flicker etc for hours last night. Just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration.

leyla said...

Cookie day is tomorrow for me! I picked the wrong time of year to realize my clothes are a little tight and I need to lose a few pounds...lol :)

danny said...

i love my family tooooo much! im so glad we got to spend the day together :) cant wait for christmas! love you sis

dAnImAl said...

i cant believe those terrible pics though...congrats to us for getting better looking throughout the years!

amber stackle said...

baaah I love cookie day! so glad I could make it this year! :)