Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gifted Animals

Here are some very wonderful critters to give on for the Holidays!
Forest Folks here!
Alligator scarf!! I NEED this scarf, but where can I find it!? Any ideas! 
*edit* Found!! By the the lovely Mish! Thank you!!
Little bunny with a pipe from my newest favorite etsy shop - Snew! It's amazing!
And the best for last, Steph Dillon's Magnolia Peacock Print! She has a WHOLE shop of awesome stuff! Go look!  Steph and I are very good blog buddies (she's in CA and I'm in FL), and when I saw the peacock she draw I loved it so much I asked her if I could get it tattooed on me! I was so stoked when she said yes!!! So I did - see it here!
Another cute critter - not for sale! ;) 
Hope your Wednesday is wonderful and goes by quickly if you're at work!
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elycia said...

oh my goodness becky! the drawing is amazing and the tattoo looks beautiful too! are you going to colour it? i ♥ peacocks.
have a great day...and yes i hope mine goes super quickly, i am at work.

brittni said...

I lovee your tat! Peacocks are my fav :) I think it looks really good black and white too!

misslarissabree said...

Becky! i really love that store with the bunny smoking the pipe!!! thanks for posting it!

and you know i adore your tattoo jealous!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Very cool tattoo I love peacocks too.
The bunny with the pipe in YELLOW is awesome as is the alligator scarf-
Nice finds.

Mish said...

I found this link for the scarf:
It looks like you order the yarn and get the pattern? Not sure. Also looks like you would have to knit it. :) Hope that helps! :)

Illustrated Ink said...

OMG Becky, I love it all! You just got me excited about several new Etsy shops! That peacock is gorgeous!

miss teacups. said...

hahahahahaha too funny, i literally just saved that photo with the thought of "wow that would be a REALLY pretty tattoo"...then i kept reading and of course you got it!! haha i love love love the placement. i would love a half sleeve but am scared as i don't know what career path i will have...but as soon as i do, look out haha.

it looks so beautiful. i can't wait to see it coloured in!! peacocks make such pretty tattoos, all the blue and greens, incredible.

chelseybell. said...

what a cute roundup of stuff!

i love the tattoo by the way--so sweet!

George said...

I love foxes, so alas, I love the forest folk fox. Keen stuff!

Raised By Wolves

Hearthandmade said...

omg i love all of thesethings!