Friday, December 10, 2010

just hanging out

Elves hanging around
Tomorrow will be spent making and wrapping gifts! Maybe some baking?! Who knows! This is the first weekend in awhile that I have no set plans - and I LOVE it so much!! I've missed my free time and craft time! I kind of wanna go to bed early just so I can get up and craft ha! A bit dorky - yes! But hey it makes me stoked! What are you doing this weekend!? Set plan or free time!?
ps check out the elves! Yes two now, I couldn't help myself! Pitt and Gizmo!
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misslarissabree said...

free time except for a birthday party. Doing some christmas shopping and crafting!

danny said...

i wana come over and help! call me when you wake up :)

apparentlyjessy said...

I've got so much do sew/crochet before Christmas I am thinking of making a roster for all my free time to keep me motivated!
Enjoy getting up early to craft, I do the same!

Lindsay C said...

I just got that poster! I love it! I want to frame mine like yours now!

Amber said...

I went to bed "early" for me last night so that I could get up and crochet with Kj all day!!!
I have all my yarn packed and I am heading there soon.
I can't wait to crochet ALL DAY LONG!!!
Tomorrow is Poot's last Christmas Carol reading so a group of us our going to go watch that. It is suppose to be super cold tomorrow so I will want to just come home and bake cookies. I have been craving them lately.
Enjoy your free weekend. Wish I could of gone with you to the craft fair:(

Amber said...

Oh and I looked up Common....HELLO!!!

Bekka said...

They're careful. :)

George said...

I hope you finished all or most of your plans this weekend!

Raised By Wolves

Elle said...

OOh I have a Shepard Fairey art book!

PaperCameraScissor said...

awesome print! Where did you get it?

I want to create so badly. I need more me time