Sunday, December 26, 2010

one awesome christmas

We had a nice long Christmas celebration starting Christmas eve! During the day I went to lunch with my very best friend and her hubby! I was so happy to see! I just miss her so much! I need to get to Boston more often and see her!! That night we went to my parent's house, ate chinese food (fancy I know, it was 9pm and everything was closed!), and spent the whole night laughing and opening gifts! It was awesome! My parents got me just what I wanted!! So lucky! They are wonderful! My sister and brother really got me wonderful gifts too! Perfect in fact, Lauren got me and Brian the super fancy Scrabble game - so sweet and thoughtful of her! Plus she got my this amazing paper DIY wedding craft book!! My brother got me a Harry Potter nesting doll from Russia!
 We got home so late, but I got an idea from my aunt Jenny to write a note to the little bit! But instead of Santa I made it from our Elves on the Shelf! Look how tiny it is! It's 2pt font HeHE!! The little bit love it! He read it 3 or 4 times then wrote a little thank you note back!!!
 Once all the gifts were torn open, we played and ate! It was a very special morning! 
I opened my gifts from Brian, they were so perfect! One was a letterpress!!! If you don't know we have a small print shop and I've become fascinated with the old table top letterpresses! I'm so excited to get started with it and show you the prints!
 We then went over to my Nanny's and celebrated til the evening! Wonderful food, hilarious Larry Farley jokes, just so nice! And of course Mickey - he's such a cuddler!!
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! I'd love to hear all about your gifts!! 
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miss indie said...

Merry Christmas!! :] I'm so glad you got to have a great weekend with your family. Sounds like you had a ton of fun.

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Merry Christmas - sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

I was lucky enough to get a sheet set, towel set, new coffee mugs, a sweet dream sign and a new sarong.

Was a very good day :)

Hearthandmade said...

awh what a fab day!!

rachael said...

eeek I love stone & honey. most my jewelry comes from that that label and small things designs. LOVE them.

Fab said...

That necklace is beautiful! And we love scrabble too! :)

sdillondesign said...

Congratulations on the Letterpress!!! You just told me how bad you wanted one. Fun! Can't wait to see that you make with it. I am glad you had a great Christmas!!

Amber said...

I love love love that necklace! And Mickey looks so cute in that picture!
Sounds like a great Christmas indeed!

Eva said...

Glad to hear it was a good one!
I just discovered your adorable blog.
A belated merry christmas to you!

amber stackle said...

yes you should visit Boston! :) glad you had such a nice Christmas!!

Jennifer said...

BECKY! do you guys OWN sonicprint?? Jake and I are on the mailing list! WE haven't purchased anything "yet" but I'm sure we will be in the future. We used sonicprint for my business cards but will definitely NOT be using them again(terrible service!!), do you guys do rounded corners? So glad you are feeling better!

Jennifer said...

oh wait!!! I meant we used OVERNIGHTprints, not sonicprint (brainfart!!) overnight prints were so bad and my cards came out a little spotty on the backside and a few were black and white? I guess the printer must have run out of ink and they didn't catch it, lol. but we want to use you guys for our next order! I wasn't sure if you did rounded corners or not though :P. Congratulations on getting engaged! let me know when you guys are looking to book a photographer and we can give you more information :). sorry for the confusion!!