Thursday, December 9, 2010

Strumpet's Ornament Swap Success!

My Ornament!!!!
My ornament from Katelyn got here!! It's an orange little cupcake! Too cute right!? Go take a look at her new blog! I think you will really like it! Thank you Katelyn! 
I actually had two swap partners because I did some fuzzy math and had one too many people in the swap! ha! Charity is my other partner, this is her way adorable blog! She's up in Canada, so the mail will take a bit longer! I can't wait though! This has been so fun! 
Tiny Toy Tree
You guys have been the best group!! The ornaments I've seen so far are perfect!! Really lovely ladies!! You can take a look here at all the ornaments and elves! We should do a Valentine swap of some sort! What do you say?! Let me know your ideas! 
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Laurie Anne said...

Great looking ornaments! Your cupcake is scrumptious! I would totally be up for a valentine swap!

Cat said...

Love the cute elf! Your cupcake ornament is adorable! I can't wait to get mine!


sdillondesign said...

They both are so cute! I love the cupcake!! Heading over to their blogs now.

Velma said...

so cute!
and yes for valentines!!!!!

Out on a limb said...

Oh yes!
Let's do some sort of swap for every holiday! It's so much fun and I've made a new friend because of the ornament swap.
Thank you for sending those little surprises in the mail.
Brought a smile to my face!

Green Pickles said...

Cute swap! I love the elf!

I'm your newest follower and would love you to follow me back:

Love from

Hearthandmade said...

i cannot wait to get mine!!

urban craft said...

super cool, I love this little elf! I always miss out on the cool swaps.