Friday, December 3, 2010

Strumpet's Ornament Swaparoo Shipped!

Strumpet's Ornament Swap - DONE!
If you were taking part in the Strumpet's Ornament Swap your ornaments should be off in the mail today! :) Remember post your photos in Strumpet's Crumpets Craft Flickr Group!
I can't wait til my partner(s) get my handmade ornament! I also sent out everyone who gave me their address a little treat (if you didn't you still can)! Check your mailboxes for that too! 
I wish everyone a wonderful weekend! We're going on a little adventure I'll tell you all about it soon! Should be interesting! 
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katiebug92 said...

I just got my ornaments from my buddy!! come look.

Moe said...

I sent mine off today too! Unfortunately my camera battery charger took a detour from my parents house back to my house & is currently MIA. I hope I can find it because I took some really good pictures I need to upload!

So glad I participated :)

chelseybell. said...

i saw this in one of my magazines and thought of you!

Peace said...

I sent my goodies off a couple of days ago, I hope my partner gets them soon! :OD

alovelylittleworld said...

I mailed mine! Only the package isn't near as pretty as your's. I had to quickly run to ship it on my lunch break and waited 20 minutes in line!!!! Eeks! 'Tis the season :) xoxo