Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas!

We had a pretty wonderful Christmas! 
Eli, Lauren, and I made gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve Eve ha! 
Here is last year's gingerbread house - look how much Eli has grown- crazy!
Lego Star Wars
We finished our Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar! The 24th door was Yoda as Santa! They still have these calendars at Target and on Amazon - you should get one! They're SO fun!
Lego Star Wars
Eli's grandma and great grandpa came over on Christmas morning to watch Eli open gifts and have some yum Challah Bread french toast! We watched pieces of A Christmas Story, because TBS plays it a llllll day on Christmas day! :)
Love them
Then Brian and I headed over to my Nanny's for some Farley fun!
We opened gifts there, chatted, ate - a lot, and just had fun! 
farley family <3
It was a good Christmas :) 
How was yours? Do anything interesting!? 
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Strumpets Crumpets
:) Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas! Love, Becky
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Farley Family Cookie Day 2011

Every year since we were little we've had Farley Family Cookie Day! My aunt Jackie is the most awesome! She lets us make any and every cookie we want! When we were younger she'd made a zillion pounds of sugar cookie dough, then we'd cut out shapes, bake and decorate us little hearts out - creating the biggest mess ever! Aunt Jackie is THE best! :) 
Cookie Day 2011
So this year was no different! We invited our friends (our little cousins couldn't make it). Charlie and Daneil had their first cookie day with us and loved it! Lydie came over to bake and crochet! It was such a fun day! We ate a lot, all day long haha!
Me and Lydie at the Farley Family Cookie Day
Eli took cookie decorating very seriously - it melted my heart! He wore a little apron and everything!
Cookie Day 2011

Here's the sugar cookies Lauren, Charlie, Daniel, and Eli decorated! 
Cookie Day 2011
The cookie I picked is my favorite coconut cookies! So so good! I'll post the recipe sometime next week! 
Cookie Day 2011
It was an awesome day! 
Farley Family Cookie Day
Past Cookie Days found here!

Do you have a special tradition you do every year around the holidays? 
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Sneaky Elves!

@virginiejolie Pitt our elf has some of Charlotte's clothes on! ;) cross dressing elf! #elfontheshelf I thank @laurenmf13 for this idea ❤
Oh our crazy elves! Pitt and the gang were caught trying on Charlotte's blythe doll clothes! Cross dressing elves! And look Pitt made himself a cup of black (soy cause). 
The bare cup was bothering me lol so I gave him some black coffee (or soy sauce!!) lol k gotta get some zZzzZzZ #elfontheshelf

Then just when I thought Elves were pacifists, we catch them routing on the Rock Em Sock Em Robots! ;) 
Rock em Sock em Elves

I thought elves were pacifists!  shows you how much I thought ha! #elfontheshelf #rockemsockem #robots
ps typically I hate watching goofy youtube stuff hahaha but this is the funniest thing EVER
Watch it to the end! You sneaky Mom!
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Straw Star Tree Topper DIY

We didn't have a special Christmas Tree Topper, so Eli and I decided to make one! 
Straw Star Christmas Tree Topper DIY
What you need:
1. foam ball
2. paper towel roll
3. straws
4. glitter
5. spray glue
6. one awesome, crafty kiddo's help ;)
We stuck the paper towel roll into the foam ball (I took the hot glue gun and put a bit on there so it'd stick well) then I let Eli go to town stick'n the straws all over! Took longer than I thought haha! Then we sprayed the glue all over it and poured the glitter on! :) We let it dry over night! Then we took red streamers and wrapped the paper towel roll up. Brian had to put it on the top on the tree! Eli said he liked the way it turned out, and that's all I wanted! :) 
Christmas Tree Decorating
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Our Christmas Tree is Up......

....finally! haha! Christmas is so close haha!
We got a tree last week, but there were giant red ants on it - no good!
Eli Decorating
Friday night we got all the ornaments out and decorated the whole house!
Oh and Eli and I made a Straw Star Tree Topper! We took a foam ball and a paper towel roll and straws. Oh and LOTS of glitter haha! I'm gonna do a DIY! 
Toy Tree
Eli and I put up a teeny tiny toy tree! We collect Heidi Kenney's chain keys and we used them as ornaments! We also got together all our Holiday Dunnys! What do you think? I LOVE it! 
haha! I wish our whole tree was like this! 
Cheaney Farley Christmas Tree
Tada! It's a giant tree - thanks to Brian haha! Eli still has a few more flakes to make to fill the windows! He did pretty good though! *note in this last photo, on the couch, see that little arm? That's Eli, asleep! He's so so cute! He fell sleep watching the Holiday Myth Busters with his dad! 
Be Merry!
Got my crocheted star garland out from last year! 
Haha We have a lot of wreaths! I didn't know what to do with them exactly so I hung them on the coat rack! I made all of them, but the 8 Bit Wreath of course! Yarn Wreath is just yarn wrapped around and around and around (hated making it), the Straw Wreath is my favorite, and the paper wreath is from last year! I'll be back in a bit with Farley Family Cookie Day photos! :) 
What is your favorite part of decorating during the Holidays?
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Perfect Paper Snowflakes DIY


Eli has started making his snowflakes again this year! I just LOVE that he wants to fill the windows! Makes me so happy! He still has a ways to go!

making flakes <3
Everyone has been asking how the snowflakes turn out so great, the secret is in the fold!
Last year I did a how to make the perfect snowflake tutorial!
It should help with the folds!
Trust me your flakes will look awesome! :)

Here's last year's snowflakes! So beautiful! I didn't wanna take them down! :)
Decking the halls!!
If you make the perfect paper snowflake please email me photos! I'd love to see them!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Crafts I Love

One of my most favorite people/crafters, Virginie made these awesome "unbreakable" tree ornaments haha! Yarn Balls! So SO perfect for a house with little ones racing around! If you have cats though you may wanna watch out! ;)  So you should go over and check out Virginie's Blog - she's sorta super awesome! Her etsy shop, The Happy Apple has the cutest crocheted creatures! Go see!

These adorable and kid made ice skate ornaments by Katie and Hope from SkunkBoyCreatures! I think Eli would like to make these for his mama or teacher! I want to make them for my bud best! 

Pretty Doily Light Garland by Free People! This could stay up til Valentines ;) 

krampus cards
I love all things Krampus ps but these take the cake! 
You better be good or the Krampus will GET YOU!!! dundundun!

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Our Elves on the Shelves

Our Elves
We have elves (plural) on our shelves! :)
They are so tricky! Just look! I made a whole flickr set for them! Pitt is our top Elf, see the last photo, you may know him I think he's starring in an Elf On The Shelf movie soon! Ha!
Do you have an elf or two on your shelves? ;) Ours are in the fridge, playing chest, hanging out in drawers, making snow/flour angels, spelling words with letterpress blocks, etc. :) 
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Strumpets Christmas Tags & Postcards!

Oh hey :) 
cutest craft blog
If you don't make it in time, you can still get them over at Oh Strumpets here!
Go see if you can get free ones! :)
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh Strumpets at the Atomic Craft Bazaar!

This weekend was the Atomic Craft Bazaar in Sarasota and Oh Strumpets was there! Olivia, Lauren, and I brought all our handmade goodies! It was an awesome experience! We met so many great crafters! Check out more about it here on Oh Strumpets! Have you ever been to the Atomic Craft Bazaar?

Strumpets Bows by @laurenmf13 !! #atomicbazaar
Oh and tonight there will be new handmade goodies added to Oh Strumpets! Wootwoot! Look at these perfect bows Lauren made! So cute! 
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Miss Larissa Bree is Having an Elf'n Giveaway!

Oh hey! You know my friend Miss Larissa Bree?! Well she is a super sweetheart and you'll love her blog! 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Craft Loves

Rachel from Smile and Wave is always making the prettiest things! Her Flower Bauble Wreath is no exception! The colors she chose are wonderful! She posted a DiY on her blog so you can make one too! 

 Completely in love with this Scandinavian Inspired Star Garland from Creature Comforts! It's so perfect! I think Eli could help make it too!
 Over at the PurlBee, they are making these adorable cross-stitched ornaments! I've been itching to cross-stitch! This may be a great project to start on! 
Anna Maria Horner is one of my favorite crafters/designers/quilters/mama - she does it ALL! Aren't these glitter covered bulbs too pretty

Do you all have any Holiday DiYs you're loving!? Share em!
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Gamer Holidays

8 bit holiday wreath from Think Geek - yea I got it with my Geek Points for FREEnintynine! ;)

Holiday Space Invaders Tee from Don't Blink Tees!

Pacman cookie cutters! YES PLEASE! I can't use this Wanelo site without a Facebook? Is that the case? I don't have Facebook but I want to order stuff from here!! I'm annoyed!

Here's a DIY Pacman Cookies! No fancy cookie cutters needed! :) 

I am in LOVE with this Pacman and Ghost Garland! I saw it on Danielle Thompson's amazing blog! She's doing a 55 days of Vintage Christmas! Everything is so great! Her home is AMAZING! 
Anyone have any other awesome Happy Gamer Holiday ideas!? I'd LOVE to see em! I should make a Pinterest board just for these huh?! I think I will! :) 
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New Baby

Last weekend my best friend had a perfect baby boy. They named him Wolfie (wolfgang) and he could NOT have been cuter! Or more giant - he was 9lbs 5oz! My friend is very very tiny, it's amazing to me that she was able to carry him! This is my first friend to have a baby, so this was an incredible learning experience! I have a HUGE new respect for all moms! 
New baby boy

I could have held Wolfie forever! He smelled so good! He didn't cry a ton, even when he did it didn't bother me much haha! He was just so sweet and snuggly! Of course this make me want a baby more than I already did! Though I saw it's no walk in the park - my friend and her husband were so so tired. And breast feeding is pretty trick huh?! But obviously necessary! 
My friend's parents and I stayed there a few days helping with the baby and just normal day to day things. I wish I could have done more! It was such a good experience and I am SO SO happy I got to be there with them! Meeting little Wolfie was so wonderful!  

While I was there I explored Alexandria, VA which is so pretty! The weather was perfect! I sat outside near the water and crocheted one afternoon - it was heaven! In Old Town I fell in love with The Paper Source shop - just look at these paper crafts!  I wanted everything! I got a few paper crafts for Eli and I to do together- pretty stoked about those! 
DC and VA weekend new baby
Sure was sad to leave! I'm sure Wolfie will grow very quickly! :) 
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Hey December, you snuck up on me.......

Go Scout Creative Nutcracker <3
This weekend I headed to DC to be with my best bud when she gave birth to her beautiful new baby boy! I love him and did NOT want to leave! I'll post adorable photos soon ;)
Well December is here and way too fast! I made my Go Scout Creative paper craft tonight - he's a jack-n-the-box nutcracker! Pretty cute! Download it!
Hope you have a wonderful December
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Sign Up for Oh Strumpets! Giveaway Now

Oh Hey Oh Strumpets Giveaway
Hey did you sign up yet? You should! :)
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