Monday, January 10, 2011

808 & Heartbreaks Knitted

This made me smile - 808 and heartbreaks knitted! That was my least favorite Kanweezy album, but this knit heart is awesome! I have a secret Kanye love, not for him (I mean he's crazy and that cracks me up), but his songs make me happy. Also I want to learn to knit properly, if I was to have a new year's resolution I guess learning to knit would be it! I can make scarves, but I only knit, I don't purl! Ha! Need to fix that! Hope your Monday is going well and your weekend was great!
Don't forget there's still time to sign up for the Valentine Swap! There's over 50 valentines so far! That's amazing! I'm very excited about this swap!
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rosie! ♥ said...

my new year's resolution is to learn how to knit! :)

erica1228 said...

oh man, you just got that much cooler, this is the best! i love kanye (:

Becky Farley said...

hehe! I can rap all his songs to you one day!

Amber said...

Oh Kanye... Why does your music have to be so good?? Cuz you are irritating;)
I was just saying the other day that I needed to pick up knitting again. I am like you and can NOT purl to save my life.

erica1228 said...

ha ha, yes please do becky!
Kanye is not the greatest singer nor the nicest human being, but his songs are so damn catchy.

heather dawn said...

i'm with you and amber.. i can't purl either! we should start a support group! lol!