Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carnival Wedding Planning by Kristin

My best friend, Kristin is so amazing! I am so thankful for her! 
Her wedding in 2008 was incredible! Her reception was held at Plant Hall, which was Henry Plant's Hotel (he built he railroad along FL's west coast in the mid 1800's and the most beautiful hotel) it had this great 1920 glam feel to it! It was absolutely perfect in every way! 
Now Kristin and I are night and day, but the best of friends. For example I want a carnival wedding, not a fancy one, she's SPF - I'm baby oil, she's stilettos and I'm sneakers, I bleach the bugeezies out of my hair - she has virgin hair, she has a German Shepherd and I have a Maltese, and the list goes on ;) But the thing about Kris and I is we have the same values, the same attention to detail, the same belief family is #1 - you know the important stuff! So as I was saying, I'm so thankful for her! She has made it her second job to help prepare and plan for our wedding! I LOVE it! Just look at the photos below! (no links - sorry) Aren't they perfect!? A kissing booth/photo booth! I love the candies and sweets bar, perfect for all the kids! 
All so wonderful and JUST what I want! She had the best idea for the wedding guest book, but not a book, but red and blue squares of fabric for guests to sign and then I can sew them all into a quilt!! Such a perfect idea!! Between her, my sister, and a few of my sweet buds I am no longer a deer in the headlights! I have direction and I'm getting totally excited about planning our wedding!! I've started a wedding notebook! Kristin has made an appointment for me up in Boston at a super cute dress boutique on the weekend I visit her - I can't wait!  And if you're not totally sick of wedding stuff later I'll do a dress post! 
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Lindsay said...

Your wedding is going to be amazing! I wanted a carnival wedding, so I'm going to live vicariously through yours ;) I can't wait to see your details come together!

elycia said...

i think you're wedding is going to be amazing! i'm totally going to hitchhike to florida and crash it.
yes please do a dress post! i found my dress last saturday! i was so happy! this sat. i'm going to do a dress post of the ones i didn't get (can't show the actual one, ivan checks my blog, haha)

i can't wait to hear more of your wedding details!!

miss teacups. said...

umm, i'm totally sick of wedding stuff. i SO do not want to see a dress post.

omg i'm totally kidding, obviously. i'm wedding obsessed, like...obsessed. well, you get the emails ;) hehe it's about time for another one soon. one per week, hehe. i live vicariously through you and other friends who are planning weddings :)

show us dresses!!!!!

Amy G. said...

I LOVE all of this. I really love weddings that are fun and show lots of personality. And have lots of diys. And this looks like exactly that. I wish you the best of luck in all your planning. Remember to have fun and enjoy this time too!

The Fancy Lady said...

I'm so excited for you! carnival wedding would be so much i wish i lived in florida i would do a carnival cupcake tower for you for free just cause it would be so much fun i can't wait to see all the planning!

Jodie said...

ahhh Its going to be amazing.
I want a carnival wedding too, with a huge candy bar, cute little tickets, and carnival colors,and a carousel for a photo shoot, imagine it <3
I can't wait to see your pics!

alovelylittleworld said...

Omgosh! This is so exciting! You are going to have the bestest most memorable wedding of all time!!!! Hooray for best friends and creativity :)

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

I am behind the times I didn't know that you were engaged - congratulations! And it looks like you are going to have an absolutely awesome wedding.

Oh and I nominated your blog for an award ;)

Sherry said...

I absolutly loved the wedding of the couple with the photobooth. Have you seen all of their pictures? Adorable! Congratulations on getting engaged! Wedding planning is so much fun.

amber stackle said...

aahhh those are all such cute ideas! I love weddings that aren't tooo traditional/boring. Also, please make sure whatever DJ you have, they don't play things like YMCA and Celebration.

Amber said...

A kissing booth?? Yes please!!! Those pictures are awesome. I love that it looks like it was held in a barn. A photobooth would amazing too:)
I never tire of wedding talk so keep it coming.

Becky Farley said...

:) Deal and deal!!