Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Photos

Here is my weekend through iPhone photos! We cleaned and took down the tree - whompwhomp!
It was kinda a lame weekend til we went see my sister and got yogurt from Yogurtology! One whole wall was just yogurt then you get to add your toppings - it was awesome! Oh and of course cuddled and played with Mickey, my lazy sweet pup!
My sister is moving up to Boston to do her externship for her masters, so we're all gonna miss her so much! But the upside is we get to go to Boston! Wootwoot!

Below is a cool Christmas gift I thought I'd share with you all - it's a vinyl clock! I really love it! Take a peek at this site! It's difficult to pick a favorite! And below the clock is the cutest little pup letterpress block! Sorta reminded me of Mick! Can't wait to get my rollers and get using my new (old) letterpress! A super big thank you to Rachael for sending me great information on letterpresses!  
In between the cleaning, I did a bit of embroidering! I forgot how much I love to embroider! I traced this mushroom from doe-c-doe embroidery patterns. (there's a funny story to this mushroom which I will share later) The snail is my favorite part! Here's some of my embroidery I've done in the past! Think I'll start it up again!
Last but not least, look at this Yeti paper craft!! I saw it on How About Orange and had to make it! Pretty cute right!? I hope your week is going great! A bunch of you are having snow days - I want a snow day!! 
Oh don't forget to sign up for the Valentine Craft Swap!! Last day to sign up is tomorrow!!
Oh and go stop by one of my favorite lady's blog and see her favorite ladies! Lil Deer you're so sweet! ;)
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rachael said...

You are so very welcome Becky! I hope it all comes in handy!

Yesterday's Sweetheart said...

Eee that clock is so neat!!

Katie said...

I made the yeti, too! So fun!

Sweet T. said...

I really love the clocks! I bet my man would go nuts for the tape one.

Amber said...

I love the yeti! Makes me laugh! Love Lauren's jacket and can't wait to visit Boston some day! Maybe have to do some Ben Affleck stalking while I am there. Just kidding:)
Wish you could have a snow day too:)

The Craftettes said...

These are so cute! Keep up the great work

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Love the embroidery - so cute!

Also I would love to go to that yoghurt shop - it sounds amazing.

Ali Croshaye said...

Your little doggie make me so excited! She's just the cutest thing.

rosie! ♥ said...

cute clock! and i love your embroidered mushroom!

suzy said...

wow--all the clocks on that site are fantastic. my husband gave me a homemade {by him} vinyl clock last night as a "retirement gift" (i'm 23, i just quit my part-time receptionist job). i love it.
however--don't tell him i said this--his was not quite as...intricate...as these.