Wednesday, January 26, 2011 a box!

Head in a box! Not the other thing ;) geez!
So here's the story on this kewpie head in a box: 
My best friend, Kris and I were chatting away about wedding ideas. I said I wanted a traditional wedding cake with a bride and groom on top - I think that surprised her then I showed her kewpie bride and grooms wedding cake toppers and she freaked out! I love her so much and I LOVE when she freaked out! hahaha! So I decided to take it a step farther! I found a kewpie head on etsy and packed it up in a pretty pink box and shipping it to Kris! 
 Last night she came home to the head in the box and immediately called me laughed and screaming into the phone!! It made my day! She said I better understand that this doll head will be at my wedding haha! Along with the head I've been sending her postcards and photos of kewpies EVERYDAY! Oh Dave at work even made a cubee kewpie :)
 Here are a few examples! Plus the kewpies took photobooth pictures too just for Kris! Hehehe!
I created a whole Flickr set just for Kris' Kewpies here! Enjoy! The kewpies will keep coming until she agrees they're cute! And you know what I wasn't even sold on the Kewpie Cake Toppers, but this little incident has set that in stone! ha! ;)
 Any other ideas for creepy cute kewpies? Steph suggested a life size one! How awesome would it be if I was waiting at the airport with my life size kewpie (ps bc I'm visiting her in Boston soon)?!?  SOOOO awesome!! She has the BEST facial expressions! Okay so there's a peek at my goofiness and what my family and friends deal with on the regular ;) 

On a serious note: Today is the last today to sign up for the Valentine's "where does love come from" Giveaway! So sign up!!! 
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PaisleyJade said...

Haha - love the head in a box idea!

I had a kewpie doll growing up and loved it soooooo much... must find the photo!!

apparentlyjessy said...

I wondered what you were going to do with the kewpie heads! You are an awesome trickster friend, I would have wet myself laughing finding that in the mail!
I love kewpie dolls, I had one when I was little that I played with in the bath.

alovelylittleworld said...

That is so creepy! the head and the lifesize Kewpie, which by the way, you need to do.
Also, I didn't know they had "parts"... this must be a new feature haha

danny said...

those things are creeeepy as heck... im with kristen on this one. no kewpie dolls on the wedding cake plz! hahaha cant wait to see you this weekend b-day girl love ya

elycia said...

hahahaha, you are too funny :)

Meghan said...

Oh my goodness I LOOOOVE Kewpies! I have two from when I was little and I'm looking for more, I found some super cute vintage Kewpie wrapping paper on Ebay a couple years ago and I'm so stingy with it! I'm off to check out all the pix you have so I can ohhh and ahhhh!

O. said...

whoa that's a lot of kewpies

Amber said...

okay the head in the box is creepy...but they are still cute. I love there photobooth sessions. I want to come work with you:) You have way too much fun!
I think I am going to print out a couple of these photobooth strips to hang up at work:)

motherawesome said...

I love this post! So fun to do things like this for friends.