Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year So Far!

We started our little journey New Year's Eve day down to South Florida (crocheting all the way)! 
One of my Christmas gifts was tickets to Kooza a Cirque du Soleil show I've never seen! To me Cirque du Soleil is so magical and amazing! Plus just look at the tent!! Perfect! Too bad I can't convince the Cirque du Soleil people to let me borrow it for our wedding day! ;)
New happy year so far
That night we had a romantic New Year's celebration!
ps I forgot how much I don't like champagne! ha! But it was very sweet of our friends to give it to us as an engagement gift! Oh and I did like popping the cork! POP!!
New happy year so far
That next morning we drove down to the Keys! Not a far trip, but I sure did get alot of crocheting done in the car - I love car rides! Strangely I don't get car sick crocheting, because let me tell you I DO get car sick any other time! 
New happy year so far
Once we were in the Keys life just slowed down and it was so nice! The weather was perfect! We weren't planning on it, but we went all the way down to Key West! Neither Brian or I (both of us grew up in FL) had been to Key West, so it was quite a treat! The old homes were so beautiful! I loved it so much and cannot wait til our next trip down! We walked around til night then ate oh and of course played pinball (yup ha!)! Here's some of our photos!
Day 2 of 2011
The next morning we headed out, had a lovely bunch, and picked up the pinball game I've been wanting since the first time we started this pinball business - FunHouse! It's this crazy carnival/circus themed pin with Ruby (a rotten mouthed talking head)! It's awesome! I'm so stoked! Thank you Brian ;)
Crocheting in the Car
Then we headed home! We listened to the entire History of Howard Stern on XM and I crocheted all the way home! I must say we had quite the adventure - it was perfect! And a very good start to the new year! How's your new year so far? Did you eat cornbread or black eyed peas new year's day for good luck? That's a tradition in our family! Do you have any traditions like this!?
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Claire said...

What a lovely start to the new year!

PaisleyJade said...

How fun - love the crochet in the car!!

Miranda said...

I love to crochet in the car, as long as I am not the "navigator". :)

amber stackle said...

omg I bet Cirque du Soleil was AMAZING!! Glad you had such a great new years! :)

❥ ќʀɨsтɨиɑ said...

Hello there... ^.^ Visiting you here. I hope we could be good friends. Do you mind if we follow each others blogs? Take care. ;)

miss teacups. said...

sounds like a good time so far in 2011. my 2011 has been spent sick in bed...and struggling through work, womp womp :( i have the next 6 days off though (glorious) so hopefully i will be better in time for the weekend as i'm having two girlfriends up to my parents new place on the lake. anywho!! nobody likes champagne. i've tasted one that was half decent and i don't remember the name hehe, but don't feel bad as really i don't know many people who do like it. also, that afghan is turning out so blue-tifully...heheh, get it?? oh gosh, these cold meds are going to my head. anyways, i will send you an email later instead of clogging up your blog comments,
love you.

Amber said...

You know I love road trips! I am very thankful that I don't get car sick! Even when I read. Holla! He he!
Love the new afghan. I have to sit down and crochet tonight. :) I was too scared to crochet last night while watching the Craigslist Killer. Lol! Did Brian watch it?