Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Crafty Gal & A Valentine Surprise!

Hey have you been over to my partner in crime, Amber's blog lately! It's shiny and new, go take a peek and grad her new button! Amber and I  have a very special treat for you later today, so get stoked! It's Valentine's related!! I'll be back shortly with all the wonderful details! In the meantime take a look at the how to crochet a granny square video below! I wanna see your grannies! ;)

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miss teacups. said...

amber is so cute & awesome! love her new buttons and will definitely have to check out her new design. i need to add blog buttons back to my blog...they all got deleted when my re-design went on!

i will email you back shortly miss.

Amber said...

Thanks evil twin:) You are so sweet! And thank you again for the new blog look!! You are the best!
Can't wait to reveal our Valentine Suprise! He he...

kymberley said...

Amber's blog looks great, what a nice job you did :) I can't even imagine what goes into all that technical stuff.

Nice work :)

motherawesome said...

My grannies:

I've been crocheting for years but have only recently been inspired to get back into it, and am planning to make one giant afghan out of a billion different squares.

Okay, maybe not a billion, but close. :)