Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine Craft Swap!

Don't miss out! Sign up for the Valentine Craft Swap today! This is going to be a good one, over 65 crafty people signed up already! On Friday you will get an email telling you who is your swap partner - keep an eye out for that! Hope your Wednesday is going great! Now go sign up ;)

Here's another Valentine Swap Button for you! Guess why I think it's so cute! ;)

Oh and a Double Valentine Giveaway coming up real soon!

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miss teacups. said...

ack! i want to sign it too late?? i'm not sure if i have to email you or just post a comment here. either way, i want to sign up! hehe.

Becky Farley said...

Sign up :)
You're not too late!!


little j. said...

Becky, how does one sign up? Count me innnn!

kymberley said...

Okay, hope I'm not to late...please count me in for this swap.

Erin said...

Just sent you an email. I'm excited!

Amber said...

Cute new button! I can't believe how many signed up. So awesome!!
Your saying double giveaway reminded me of the double rainbow all the way guy. If you haven't seen it... check out double rainbow on youtube! Too funny!

Lindsey said...

dang. i missed this sway by a few days. would love to part of it next time.