Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Carnival Wedding Update

As you know we are having a Carnival Wedding!
So look what I got! Straws and popcorn bags from Hey Yoyo and Bake it Pretty!
 Pretty darn perfect for a carnival wedding!
Carnival Wedding Stuff
Oh and red, white, and blue twine just in case!
 Please understand that in NO way am I being patriotic ;) these are just the perfect carnival colors!
Carnival Wedding Stuff
I found the cutest red shoes here!
They are so perfect! Not too high of a heel! Which will be perfect for my dress!
 And the most perfect red! And when it's reception time I'll change into some comfy red converse! 
Next on the list, besides a date, are these wonderful custom banners from Ay Mujer
I've loved them for so so long! Now I have a perfect reason to get them! 
When we were at the Fair, Brian was like, "how much do you think these funnel cake and candy cotton stands go for on ebay!?" hahaha! What a nut! I feel like we may have one at the wedding! That'd be kinda crazy! 
I love the emails I get from you guys with wedding ideas! Look at this one
Keep them coming! I love them! 
I'm getting pretty excited! I just need to sit down and pick a date and place! haha! There's just not enough time in the day, but Farley Family no worries I know it's important! Soon I promise! ;)

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O. said...

oh my goodness i love all your stuff so far!!!!!

Carrie said...

love it!!!!

rosie! ♥ said...

super cute! your straws remind me of this bakerella post. idea, maybe?

M.M.E. said...

Gorgeous shoes! I've also admired those banners for months! I'm glad you have the excuse to get them. They'll be beautiful. You have to be getting so excited!

Erin said...

I'm not getting married again but I totally bought some of those straws from Bake It Pretty. I'm so jealous of your wedding's like a dream.

Crooked Sister said...

I LOVE that divine twine color and it is so perfect for a carnival wedding. I don't have any wedding ideas to share with you but I do have a wonderful carnival theme related item you might enjoy. Check out this blog and the woman's recent carnival plush creations:


Elora said...

Ooh that's fantastic! :D

Keke said...

So Awesome! I love carnival / circus themes...I would never think for a wedding..but now that you have, how fantastic!! So then I thought...How much fun would it be if you had custom made tickets for... maybe, the bridal dance, your wedding invitiations? There are so many sites out there to have this done!!
Like this one:
How much fun would that be? Good luck and congrats!

XO Keke

chelseybell. said...

oh my gosh, please have a funnel cake stand at your wedding. that would be beyond awesome.

love all the things you're picking up--it's going to be so fabulous when it's all put together!

Dave the Co-Worker said...

Brian is really excited about the carnival theme too. He's already ordered his tux. The top hat might be a little too formal. Check it out here:

Becky will be so surprised.

Veronica said...

Eeeep! I'm lovin' that giant cupcake! Heidi (My Paper Crane) is so awesome and talented!!!

I think I kinda need a giant pastry to snuggle.....

Holly Knitlightly said...

Becky! Buy a cotton candy machine online! They are only about 40ish$!! And then you will have it foreverrrrrrrrr! A friend of mine bought one and said it was the best 40$ she ever spent! You can make cotton candy out of ANY type of candy! Even cough drops! Haah.

Jenn said...

OMG! you're wedding is going to be FANTASTIC. :)

miss teacups. said...

ooooh adorable, adorable heels & i love that you are going to change into cons, too cute.

that banner is amazing. i want one too!!