Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Day in Boston

My best friend Kris lives up in Boston, but will be moving soon. I had never seen her new house, so this weekend I headed up to Boston! I also got to meet Mina, her sweet and giant german shepherd. Mina and I bonded and now are best buds! Kris had the whole weekend planned - it was perfect! We went wedding dress shopping - eeeekkkk!! So all my ideas for a wedding dress have changed ps - permanently if you get my drift ;) 
We went to tea, something we do together often! Makes us feel girlie and fancy!

 If you're ever in Boston to go 2 o'clock tea at Upstairs on the Square or for drinks at night!
 I promise you will LOVE it!!
 She took me to her favorite vintage shop, Lady Luxe! The gal that owns it is super great! She'll be opening an etsy shop soon! Stoked about that! 
 Plane trips are great for crocheting! 
I made strawberry gloves from Twinkie Chan's book! They are so darn cute!  
 Speaking of cute, Kris made me birthday cupcakes adorn with the kewpie head I sent her! bahahaha so cute and creepy! You may remember Kris' love of kewpies or lack of love! ;)

Once I was back in Tampa I got this hilarious photo text from Kris and her hubby! I love that they are getting into it with the kewpies!! Cracked me up! Thank you two for having me in Boston! Their home is amazing! I'll show you photos soon! Also because of them I started watching Shameless on Showtime - Brian and I watching 5 episodes (there's only 5 so far) last night and really liked them!  Watch it!
Hope your week is going well so far, I'm way under the weather, but I'll be fine soon! And I'll be back later with some craftiness and some beautiful home photos!
One more thing! Go check out all the amazing Valentines from the Valentine Swap!! You gals are amazing!! I swear, I'm always so impressed! 
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nicole said...

I love upstairs on the Square! Never did tea there but looks fun!

Glad you had a great time in Boston.

misslarissabree said...

aw Becky! Your weekend looks like so much fun!
Glad you had a great time

sdillondesign said...

I want to go to Boston so bad! Eli used to live out there but then he had to come back to California to meet me ;) Glad you had a great visit. Love the Strawberry gloves and the Kewpie cleaver!!

CocoShack said...

Looks like you had a blast! Love those mittens, good job!! the last pic is hilarious lol


apparentlyjessy said...

I so wish I could have a sneek peek!
Boston looks like a fun place to visit. The last pic cracked me up. loool

BEER said...

OMG so J. I love and miss Boston. I now have to make sure I go back soon. :)

Lisa said...

Mina looks amazing! I started watching Shameless last night, had 5 episodes recorded. Didn't love the first one, but that guy Steve had me coming back for more. :O)

LadyLina said...

Yay! Thanks for including our lil' shop in your blog :) Good luck with your wedding plans!
~ Lady Luxe