Monday, February 21, 2011

Fair Day!

day at the fair
Yesterday, Brian and I took all the kids (ranging in age from 6 to 15) to the fair! My aunts and uncles kept asking, "Now are you guys sure you're up for this?" hahaha! We totally were! We had the BEST time! The kids were awesome - even with large amounts of sugar in their systems! ;)
Florida State Fair
Brian was way awesome! He's not normally a Fair kinda guy, but he totally got into it! He even wore this incredibly goofy shirt my uncle gave us as a joke - it says, "god is great, beer is good, and people are crazy" we don't necessarily believe these things hahaha but boy did that tee fit in at the Fair!
Florida State Fair
Look at all those turkey legs!! This photo is for my vegan and vegetarian friends! Enjoy! ;)
Vegan's nightmare
Brian took Eli and Robbie on the Gravitron or what use to be the Gravitron before people got hurt/killed then the company had to rename it hahaha! I couldn't believe the boys weren't scared! They LOVED it! Crazy kids!
Here are the little ones! What a cute bunch! Robbie is a giant and he's not even the oldest!
We wore the kids out!
Florida State Fair
Here's more photos!
Look what they had at the Fair!! QR codes!! These were in Cracker Country, which is my favorite part of the Fair! The QR codes gave you an audio tour - so so awesome! Cracker Country teaches you about old Florida! Very awesome and educational! I told Brian that as kids we NEVER went on rides at the Fair, but we didn't care because we'd go all through Cracker Country, the expo halls, the livestock area, ate funnel cake, etc. He said that's what old people do!! Hahaha true! My dad gets motion sickness too, so he hates rides - I get it! It wasn't like we were sad about it! We went on rides at our school carnival, just not at the Fair! It's just how it was! The Fair was saved for "old people activities" and we loved it! ;)
What are your Fair memories!? Did you ride the rides? What did you love most?
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heather dawn said...

I LOVE THE FAIR! That one is HUGE too!! It doesn't look like the tiny dingy one that comes to our town. But I love everything about the fair... the gravitron is my favorite ride but other than that its the Cotton Candy!

apparentlyjessy said...

Woo! Looks like your day at the fair was really fun. I totally never went on the rides as a kid too!!

We always did the expo halls and the animals. The cake decorating and craft hall was my FAVOURITE part of the fair (which we call the royal show here)

When I was a teen I was told I only liked to do the "old peoples" stuff too, cause I never wanted to go on the rides (made me way too ill)

GraphXGrrl said...

haha, awesome!

We went to a carnival in our hometown this weekend! :)

Carrie said...

how fun! I still have not been to a fair what is wrong with me lol

taryn said...

that looks like so much fun! florida fairs > iowa fairs

danny said...

you guys look like you had so much fun! i wish i was in town this weekend :( glad you got to see lolo, robby and lex! thats WiLd that brian went on the gravitron- i definitely got sick once or twice on that thing at the st. patty's carnival! cant wait to come home and do fun stuffs with you! love you sis

Dorian said...

Your this is for my vegan friends made me laugh. I didn't read your blog that much because I didn't know you had this type of humor. Reading more often!

out of the frame said...

looks like you had a great time. I don't think I've ever seen a fair that big! I'm not really into rides but I love candyfloss - or whatever you call in in US - is it angel hair or something? anyway the pink fluffy sugary stuff is what I mean!

Kristin said...

This really made me laugh. I had to comment. I remember all of us going to the fair and never going on the rides. Just at St.Pats because those were safer somehow!! Those were good times. I really miss the carnival.

nova said...

That picture of the fair from above is so great!

Live Love Life Now said...

I didn't go to a lot of fairs when I was growing up, but have been to a ton in the past few years because my boyfriend is shooting a documentary focused on US carnivals and their dwindling workforce.

Your pictures were awesome - especially that first one overlooking the entire fair, beautiful!

O. said...

I should have gone it looked like so much fun. The food sounds like the best part! I get so sick from those rides, just watching them will make me throw up.

freaked out 'n small said...

groan! the gravitron kicked my butt on more than one occasion! lol! I think it's the only ride I ever threw up on!