Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Strumpet's Memory Lane Project

Strumpets Memory Lane Project
Strumpet's Memory Lane Project is going so great!
Here are the 4 newest gals who shared their most treasured childhood toys!
From left to right, going clock wise: Tete is Cassandra's (from Lapis & Llamas) very loved little bear, Sally is Briana's sweet (missing one piece of hair) doll baby, Bernice is Jana's well cared for Cabbage Patch doll, and last but not least, Squirry! Rebecca's much loved pink squirrel!
These four gal's stories are so cute and SO funny! Seriously, take a minute and visit their adorable blogs and read their great Memory Lane stories! They will make you smile! I promise! The stories will make you wanna race home and find your childhood treasure! Remember to email me your stories! Find out more about Strumpet's Memory Lane Project here! :)
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beckz said...

Aw this kind of makes me sad as my mother informed me not too long ago that she threw out my old Jesse doll! I'm 29 but it broke my heart. She was the best, even though her two front teeth (her only teeth) ended up inside one of her arms. You could hear them when you shook it! This is a great idea

Jana said...

Thanks for featuring Bernice on your blog!! She's super pumped and can't stop talking about it =) said...

Squirry is so excited to be featured. His 'friends' are all a little jealous... there may be an uprising...
Miss Beck xx