Tuesday, February 22, 2011

QR Code Answer

let's be friends
Last week I made this little kewpie QR Code and I asked you guys to email me the answer after you scanned it! You guys are so great! I loved the emails! I put together some awesome stuff which went in the mail today! Now for those of you who didn't scan it but are still curious here's what it said:
While you sleep I will eat your brains!
Get it the little sweet kewpie is a zombie ;)
I have a bunch of QR Code ideas - so get ready for that!
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janel. said...

Ok, I am officially obsessed with QR Code now!! I want to get the cute business cards soon :) I just have to get a cute graphic for the front!! xo

Becky Farley said...

Janel - I've been seeing them more and more! I find them amazing lol so much like the Jetson's lol