Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine goodie bag topper for you!

Here's a little goodie bag topper I put together for the lil bit's Valentine party at school! PS they don't have school Monday so your kid's party may be tomorrow haha! Thought I'd share it with you! Just download, print, score in the middle, fill up a plastic bag with candy and use the topper to staple it shut! Maybe use scalloped, fancy scissor to cut the edges all cool! The sky is the limit haha!
See these Halloween ones we made here (not as fancy). Let me know if you use it! :)
Here are some Valentine ideas from last year! Heart Shaped Crayons DIY
Cute love story about my parents here! Oh and Bloody Valentine ideas ;)
Have fun! I'll be back later with Memory Lane Trips
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katiebug92 said...

this is cute!!

Wish Me Luck said...

It's so cute!The owl is my favorite out of all of them!

wallflower said...

This is pretty cute.
I might use it for my boyfriend's gift, haha. I'm still allowed to, right? At the age of 20?

Sway said...

Sweet Becky, I'm trying to download that amazing topper, but it just won't open for me :(
It is seriously adorable!

apparentlyjessy said...

I still have the Valentines card from last year from you on my fridge, I love it so much, and smile every time I notice it there!

Meghan said...

So so cute! But same for me; when I click download it takes me to flickr, when i try to download from there it says "The owner has disabled downloading of their photos"

Becky Farley said...

Oops!! Sorry about that!! I'll fix it now! :)

Lisa said...

I still can't open the link to download these either :o(