Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Don't get me wrong I LOVE Valentine's Day, but I don't love the crazy consumer side of it! You know I'm a handmade gal through and through ;) I made bloody valentine syrup with our waffles this morning! It wasn't a big hit with the boys - scaredy cats! 
At work, I put out a little paper valentine owl from Mibo Studio! Pretty cute!

I was feeling festive this morning, so I wore my stone heart necklace my grandpa made. My grandma has a bunch, this was just my favorite! 
 For fun: I ate a zillion heart candies (barf) and wore my skeleton socks because I love them!
 All in all it's been a very nice Valentine's Day! Extra awesomeness, this schoolhouse came today!
(in crappy news, I accidentally deleted my blog list (the ones I read everyday) can I bring it back?)
 Now heading home to make dinner and watch Shameless! Anyone watching Shameless!? I love it! 
Hope your day is great whether you're cuddling with your boy, your gal, family, or your pup!! :)

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Emily said...

That necklace is so pretty! Love the little owl. Sorry you lost your bloglist! X

Megan Darling said...

That necklace is gorgeous & I love your skeleton socks! :D

Victoria Gayle said...

I am loving Shameless! Its so different from anything on tv and has a great storyline so far!

Live Love Life Now said...

I just discovered your blog and am enjoying your valentine posts!

And while I have lovely human and fuzzy valentine's, I'm also against all the consumerism hype and the fact that you have to go over-the-top on one day out of the year in order to prove your silly!

I also noticed a few kidrobots on a shelf in one of your pictures. Are you a vinyl toy addict as well? I just hit up myplasticheart in NYC for some additions to my collection and am loving my new Aztec and 2Tone Dunny's :)

Okay, bye for now!

tiffany said...

that stone heart necklace is BEAUTIFUL!
also - i featured your lovely blanket that you posted in your last post on my blog. im literally in love with it.

Aluajala said...

I love your skeleton socks too :)
And your heart necklace is beautiful!

Amber said...

Love your socks! Let me know if your target doesn't have those tights and I will check mine for you.
Okay so what is Shameless? Do I need to watch this?

wonder forest said...

How cute are those valentines owls! I want to try a paper craft soon!

erica1228 said...

looks like you had a lovely day (:
i love your socks.

ohmydeer said...

your grandpa makes heart necklaces................................................................................................... speechless that is amazing and beautiful at the same time i need to purchase on immediately!

hayley said...

Loving the socks! :D

Elora said...

Ooo, those socks are fantastic! I have a similar pair from sock it to me, blue, rainbow, and then a bone sticking out in the calf area. Fun!