Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend So Far!

It's starting to feel a bit Springy around here! It was so pretty outside today!
My mom, dad, and I sat outside with the pups watching the lil bit build ramps and dig holes (you know stuff kids do best)! Mickey was in heaven because he just got cuddled all day!
 I officially stopped drinking diet coke, because I found out the sweeteners can make you gain weight! Plus it's not good for my teeth or my body in general haha! But I'm not giving up my Starbucks! 
It's the cold coffee and tank tops part of the year! I'm stoked! You like my skeleton tank? I do!
 Here's my Spring colored afghan so far! It was a bit difficult with Mickey in my lap, but I'm use to it! If you get a chance tomorrow you should craft outside, it will put a smile on your face guaranteed! ;)
Something else that put I smile on my face, this Dievas Dunny! It's 8 inches and flocked (twss)! hehe! It's completely cute! Can't wait to put it up at work with the rest of the gang!
Ok now I know a pup and lil boy who both need a bath - for real! PU! 
So how's your weekend so far!? Any awesome projects?
Have a WONDERFUL rest of the weekend! 
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Miranda said...

I'm not a fan of sweeteners either. I love starbucks too though.
Your spring blanket has such pretty colours in it, I love it!

Jana said...

Cute colors in that afghan!

PaisleyJade said...

I LOVE your spring afghan! Mickey is so cute. xoxo

Erin said...

I do love your tank. :)

OMG those colors in your aphgan are beeeautiful.

Lindsay C said...

It is minus 18 Celsius (64 F) here today, no crafting outside for me!

alovelylittleworld said...

Everything is so great as usual but I really love the tank. We're buried in snow so I'm prepared to craft outside just yet either. I can't believe you're so warm there. I'm jealous!

BEER said...

I really like that tank top!!!!!!! Kind of J! Not sure I could pull it off but its still great.

Velma said...

love it! You can never give up starbucks! It makes the world a happier place!!!!

heather dawn said...

love the shirt! love the blanket! love that it is getting warmer! is it warm enough to swim in Florida yet?

Amber said...

I can't wait for nice weather to sit outside and crochet. I think Sunday we had almost all forms of weather in MO! It was insane.

Okay... I am so in love with your new dunny. It is an owl and it is flocked. Amazing!!!

Loving the color of your spring afghan. I can NOT wait for our 6 hour drive on Thursday. I hope to get a LOT of crocheting done.

Amber said...

I forgot to tell you how awesome your tank was. And I laughed out loud when you mentioned sweetners making you fat. I know what else they can cause:)

Illustrated Ink said...

Awesome skele-tank top! Yes, sweeteners are kind of scary, I feel it's best to avoid them. Coffee however, well that's a lifetime commitment!

miss teacups. said...

owl dunny? ADORABLE!

also, i like your tank, it's so you!!