Monday, March 21, 2011

First Weekend of Spring 2011

It was a pretty awesome weekend! We stayed home and hung out with family - it was perfect!

We ate a bunch! We played with chalk in the front yard and we played with Mickey! We spent time with  the Foxes and Brian's family! I didn't want Monday to come! Here's our weekend photos!
What'd you do this weekend!? Was your first day of Spring a sunshiny one or snow filled? 
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misslarissabree said...

You always have the cutest most perfect weekends:)

Out on a limb said...

You're little dog always looks like he's smiling. What a cutey!

Lauren said...

Did you go to Tarpon Springs this weekend? I love Tarpon Springs :)

And where's Eli's BBQ?

Miss ya, sistah!

jenny aka. little j. said...

Such a fun little collage. Spring is the best. Everything is so...happy. <3

O. said...

Eli's BBQ! Did you get to go to rainbow's end?