Monday, March 7, 2011

My Maid of Honor/SideShow Performer!

maid of honor
Elycia from Love Elycia had an amazing post about how she was going to ask her brides maids to be her brides maids and I just fell in love with her idea! I expressed this to her on her blog and then was so stocked/surprised/stoked when she emailed me asking if I'd like her to draw my brides maids! YES!!!! We are having a small-ish wedding and especially a small wedding party, mostly because it's going to be very untraditional and well that's just what we decided! ;) 
So for my Maid of Honor -drum roll- Duh it was gonna be my sister Lauren! I love her SO much! She is my best friend in all the world, even when we want to kill each other! ;) I was lucky enough to see her two weekend in a row (she's now living in Boston doing her externship)! I gave her the illustration Elyica made, and I added the circus tent and a sweet note on the back! She said yes and she teared up (Lauren's a tough cookie and rarely cries)!!! Oh I was sooooo happy!!! Completely made my year! This weekend we went up to NH and picked her up in Boston and she spent the weekend with us! Thank goodness because I was not feeling well at all, and she stay with me while the family went out! We watched Sister Wives, which I found super upsetting for so many reasons 1. the guys is kinda an idiot who wasn't even a Mormon (I shouldn't go off on this tangent sorry! hahaha!)! Anyways Lauren and I had fun together eating junk food and shopping online! I love you Lauren!!!!
will you be my maid of honor
Here's the supplies I used to put together the cards! Elyica, you are the best!! Thank you thank you!!
More to come! Still have a Matron on Honor to share!

Oh and Lauren if you are wondering what your SideShow Performer duties are you can choose from fire breather, sword swallower, do you want to be a real tattooed lady this time? Pick one please! Fire breather is in our blood, Papaw would breath fire to entertain the neighborhood kids! The choice is yours! ;) Love you! 
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Lauren said...

:) :) :) :) x a zillion!!!! This was the besttttttt!!! I had so much fun this weekend! I'm sorry you didn't feel good...but I had fun just hanging out!

I'm sooooooo happy to be your maid of honor! And you're my best friend too (duh)! Love you so much :)

P.S. you're gonna be so addicted to sister wives now. muahahaha

wonder forest said...

That card is THE cutest thing!!! Your whole idea was amazing!
Sister Wives makes me sooo mad! hahaha that guy is SUCH a creep! i had to stop watching it after the first 3 or 4 episodes because I was getting angry at myself for yelling at an inanimate object!

Becky Farley said...

Dana - Thanks ;)
Didn't it make you mad!! I was yelling at the tv too! Lauren had to tell me to calm down! I think the wives are sweet but that guy!! So awful! And was does he own a two seater car!!! What the heck is his deal!!? I could go on and on!! lol

wonder forest said...

omg yes SO mad lol!!
did you see the episode where he was out "courting" that newest wife before he asked her to be a wife? like really, looking for new women and going on dates is the last thing you need to be doing when you have like 92832 kids at home!!! Get your priorities straight mister!!!!!

nicole said...

very cute! that is such a creative way of asking.

hope your sis is enjoying Boston. I'm glad that the snow is finally gone from our yard. now it's a mud pit. Can't win up here

PaisleyJade said...

How cool is that!!! Love them so much. xoxo

Jenny S said...

Oh I love that! Best Bridesmaid card ever!! xo

Amber said...

Adorable!!! I am so glad that you and Lauren were able to hang out this weekend. Yay for junk food and junk tv. LOL!

I would like to put my vote in for Lauren being the tattoo lady that swallows swords while juggling fire:) Think she will go for it.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Cutest "will you be my bridesmaid card" EVER! I love hearing about your future wedding, I can tell it's going to be magical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amber stackle said...

awww those cards are SOO adorable! I LOVE reading about all your wedding plans. Glad you guys had a good time in NH and hope you're feeling better! :)

Alyssa said...

I am in absolute awe of this card idea - its becky perfection!

I BLEED PINK said...

I am so jealous, this is such a good idea. I am lame and just sent my sister an IM asking her...LOL!!

I can't wait to see how the rest of your wedding unfolds.

rachael said...

OMG that fabric is SOOO cute! love it! cant wait to see the finished pillow!

The Soul Anchor said...

That is a really cute idea! I like that a lot.

laooooose said...

bex yer the kyootest and i love you. i am laoose right now. i cant WAIIIIT for the weddin'!!! dont forget me now!!

elycia said...

i looove what you did with the cards! and i'm so happy your sister liked it :)

cupcake cutie said...

omgggggg becky!!!
this is SOOOOO cute. i love it so much!
i wouldn't expect anything less from you..
so adorable:)

Erin said...

I just love these. I pretty much die over all carnival stuff especially these! :)

RobbieLee at Chickiedee said...

So super cute! I can't wait to see pics of your actual wedding! Congrats again!

miss teacups. said...

awww, cute. your sister looks adorable! also, i love love love the circus tent and garland above pretty.