Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Cards

We made some St. Patty's Day card to send to some of our out-of town family. 

 I started by showing Eli the tiny shamrocks made from hearts below, but he just wanted to make giant hearts which was cool with me! Postage costs more but that's ok! ;) 
 I just cut out a whole bunch of teeny hearts and glued them in a shamrock formation on a piece of card stock paper! We also tried stamping our thumbs in green ink, but it was really messy!
 As you can see Eli hasn't gotten over snowflakes yet, just take a look at our Christmas snowflakes from this year! He decided to make a green snowflake for St. Patrick's Day - why not!? 
I'm making some St. Patrick's Day cupcakes right now for the gang at work tomorrow! This happened last year during S. Patrick's Day cupcake baking! Hehe! Almost out of green food coloring! Are you doing anything special for St. Patrick's Day? 
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Lauren said...

Make sure you make some 4-leaf clovers too...those are the lucky ones :)

Happy St. Patrick's day, Becky, Brian, Eli, and Mickey! Love you guys :)

O. said...

I forgot it was st. P day, maybe I will make Grant eat some green food.

~~kym~~ said...

Super cute idea!