Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick Hello!

Hello gang! I've been way under the weather this week, but I'm feeling better today! My new 8 inch Serpent Dunny came in the mail from Kidrobot today, so I was stoked about that! It's awesome! I can't wait for Heidi Kenney's YUMMY Dessert Keychains to come out! Here's a few photos from my toy collection!
 In other news, I'm shipping out my Crafty Peep Swap craftiness tomorrow to the lovely Steph Kelly! I'll take some photos tonight, but I may wait to post them because I love the surprise! But I'm also a huge ruiner of surprises, so I may post them hahaha! 
The biggest news is my little brother, Danny is graduating from FSU this weekend! I'm so so happy and excited for him! The gang is heading up to Tallanasty (that's my nickname for Tallahassee because it's kinda gross) and then over to the Rainbow River. Lots of driving, but it's gonna be a very good weekend! I hope yours is filled with awesomeness! Any siblings graduating? How are your Crafty Peep Swap items coming along?
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

On Saturday Brian and I spent the day driving around Central Florida dropping off and picking up pinball games! We collect/sell/trade pinball games for fun. We meet the craziest and the nicest people on these trips! One guys whole entire house was filled with pinball machines! I love riding in the car listening to the radio, chatting to Brian, and getting a bunch of crocheting done! It was a very fun day!

On Friday afternoon Eli and I dyed, painted, and glittered eggs! I did have to google "how to boil a egg" haha because I ever really have had to before! We dyed 2 dozen eggs! Oh and we painted one gold, our ode to Angry Birds! The egg below is my favorite!  What else - I got Brian a little Easter gift, a BFFS toy from Kidrobot. We got the icecream cone and sunshine one called I'll stop the world and melt with you! Too cute! Eli and I saw a creepy lamb cake that Eli wanted to get for Mickey - I had to explain dogs can't have cake no matter how much they beg! And I made two of the Zombie Plush Dunnys, I'll take some better photos tonight!
Dying Easter Eggs
Dying Easter Eggs
We don't celebrate celebrate Easter, it's just another good reason for the family to get together to eat and chat and DYE stuff! We went out to eat with my family. My Nanny is sitting there all sweet like normal, then she takes a lock-n-lock box from her purse and gave everyone a pickled egg hahaha she's a nut! She didn't want to break tradition she said! I love her so much! I do not like pickled eggs, but my dad LOVES them! 
It was a good weekend! Went by too quick!
What'd you do over the weekend?
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunny Rabbit Cake

Today the little one and I made a bunny rabbit cake. My mom's mom use to make these bunny rabbit cakes with me when I was little. We'd make the cake a few days before Easter, I'd load it with so much candy, I'm pretty sure no one really ate it, but it sure was fun to make. We'd always use black licorice for the whiskers and I'd fill the bow tie with jelly beans. Since Brian and I are starting our own family and our own traditions I thought this would be a good one to start and share with you all!
 So here's what you do! You bake two cakes in two round cake pans, I used one box of cake mix and two things on icing. We dyed the cake mix blue just because plain vanilla is boring! Once they're cool you cut one in two spots to create the ears and bow. See the little diagram belong!
Eli ate more marshmallows than he actually put on the cake haha! Note: he bit the Twizzlers to make them the right size for the whiskers haha good thing he's cute! I like to think of him as a puppy, his mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth?! haha!

Tada here is our Bunny Rabbit Cake!
If you make one tomorrow or Sunday you gotta send me the link or put your photos in the Strumpet's Crumpets Craft Group please! :) Make a chocolate one or a strawberry one! If we had more time we'd make a zombie bunny cake, but now is Toy Story 3 and snuggle time! 
Hope your weekend is wonderful!
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Carrot Cake Baby Blanket Finished!

I started this blanket a few weeks ago and I finished it last night! I named it Carrot Cake because that's what it reminds me of! It's a super special gift for a super special kiddo! Above is a the "making of photos" and below is the finished product! I can't wait to give it to the little chickie it belongs to!
I'm stoked it's Friday! It couldn't have come fast enough! Tonight were dying eggs and making a rabbit cake (not made with real rabbit ;))! Oh and we're going to stuff some Zombie dunnys! I wish you all a very happy weekend in whatever you are up to! What are you up to!?
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mickey Love

Just had to share my Mickey photos from the weekend! He's a bundle of rotten and cute all in one! 
See his lamb toy there, that's his favorite lamb. If you're new to Strumpet's, you should know Mickey is my bratty 3 year old Maltese pup who's a bit over weight, but he's as happy as can be! He likes to play lambs, you know like Cartman from South Park. He likes to sleep in our bed, he'll only sit on my lap if we ride in the car, he likes to drink out of glasses that aren't his, but he also loves to snuggle which makes up for all the rottenness! ;) Mickey has his own Flickr set called Puppy Love. Thanks to Olivia I figured out how to make a Instagrid from all my Instagram app photos, see here:
Do you have a rottenly cute little love at home? 
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Handmade Stamp by Kozue

Couple portrait stamp
A week or so ago I was reading through blogs and saw this post on A Beautiful Mess. I instantly went to Kozue's etsy because I was totally in love with the thought of a Brian and Becky stamp! We haven't made our Save the Day cards and I thought It'd be cool to incorporate this into them!
First about the stamp - This was one of the best etsy experience I've ever had (and I've had a lot hahaha)! She emailed me a proof so so quick, the prices are incredible, the production is perfect! Plus I ordered a Mickey stamp just because this one was so awesome and don't you think a Mickey stamp just be cute/hilarious?!  In short I highly recommend shopping at Kozue's Shop! I'm so happy with Brian and my stamp, so happy! Oh and take a look at the blog Girls are Crying, she have lots of wonderful drawings, stamps, and pictures of her cute pup!
As for wedding stuff I'll do a post soon filled with ideas and updates, because we have a bunch! I hope your week is going great! I'm looking forward to this weekend and a little road trip. What do you have planned for the weekend?
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Spy Birthday Party Invitations!

The little one is turning 7 soon, I named some cool themes off to him, which included Legos, but once he saw the spy theme on My Paper Crane he was stoked! These were the invitations on My Paper Crane, note the tiny paper, very awesome idea, but we do these tiny notes from our elves so I wanted to keep the tiny note making to the elves if you get me!
birthday invitations for a spy birthday
So awhile back I was going through Martha's site for wedding stuff and found these Encrypted Save the Dates. Personally I wouldn't want a spy themed wedding, but probably a lot of people wouldn't want a carnival wedding, so to each his own! So Martha who I love/hate tells you where to find the decoders and gives you the PDF for the crazy red swirls! So I did a test run on Friday at work! I dropped the PDF of the crazy red swirls into Photoshop and used a little blue font behind it. Daniel (designer) suggested this digital looking font from We kept testing it to see if it looked ok! Once we were satisfied we printed an 11x17 sheet of them.
Secret Decoder Invitations!
The photo is difficult to read, but in real life it's super easy and awesome!
This note saids:
Elias is turning 7!
This note will self destructed in 10 seconds!
Eli suggested we "draw" a bomb on the back with a 10 on it hahaha!
Here is more awesome Spy Birthday stuff from My Paper Crane (ps she is my craft super hero if you didn't know;)) Bomb Cake, Marshmallow guns (obviously a hit with Eli), decorations - she's pretty awesome right!?
We need more ideas! So if you have any leave them in the comments please!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nintendo Craftiness

 She's a Nintendo LOVER, so she made this incredible scarf for the windy city! 
I found these little guys on Flickr by t0fugurl! So cute!

How awesome is this cake?! Completely awesome! Kelsey from work made this for her little bitty nephew for he's birthday! She just started a blog called Krazy for Cakes, I'm stoked for her!
Also I made these Piranha Plant and 1up Mushroom Cubee Crafts! You can download them here!

Do you have any Nintendo Crafts to share!? I want to see them if you do! :) Leave a link! 

Remember today is the last day to signup for the Crafty Peep Swap! Signup! :)
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crafty Peep Swap Signup!

Crafty Peep Swap!
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up! Read more and sign up here!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sure are pretty!

I've kept my distance for too long ModCloth! I got a bunch of super dresses during the Cabin Fever Sale awhile back and made myself not even window - til today! :) Look how cute these Spring Dresses are!
I love the detail on this one! Plus polka-dots are always cute!

Now this one may be the most perfect engagement party dress or wedding rehearsal dress for me!
 I want it so much!

This one is just a really great color! 

This one I loved right away! Plus it orange and it's awesome! 

Which is your favorite!? Have you purchased any new Spring dresses?
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Swap Signup!

Crafty Peep Swap
Hey ladies and fellows, don't forget tomorrow is the last day to sign up for our Crafty Peep Swap! It's gonna be a good one! Amber and I have so many Springy handmade ideas in mind for this swap! Signup here!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4th Weekend of Spring Cont.

I got to hang out a bunch with my little fat Mickey dog! During the week he stays at my parents, they have two other tiny pups and my dad works at the newspaper, so he's home all day with the pups. But I miss Mick sooo much. I seriously get sad midweek. We live about an hour from work and I just couldn't leave him by himself for 8 or 10 hours. One solution would be Brian could let me bring in to the office (this will never happen)!  A girl can dream! ;) Friday afternoons Eli and I race over to my parents to scoop up the pup and he spends the weekend with us!

The lil bit is very determined to skateboard! It's pretty awesome to watch him try so hard. He's getting better, still makes me super duper nervous! We went down to the park with Mickey for a few hours this weekend to get in some practice. I think by the end of the summer he'll be awesome! 
He completely melts my heart!
On Sunday morning my Nanny, my aunt Jackie, and I went to the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market! If you live in or near Tampa you should go, I'll warn you the later you go the hotter it is outside! You can take your dog too! We went down there specifically to see Linda from our quilt group. She has a great blog call The Quilting Violinist. Ps she has great gifts for Mother's Day in her etsy shop
At the market I bought Eli a Carnivorous Plant, can't wait to show it to him!
Nanny, Jackie, and I went to Ella's Folk Art Cafe after the market. It was so awesome and the food was so yummy! I can't wait to go back! We had the Soul Food Sunday menu, I had the Muffaletta sandwich with sweet potato fries - they are so good! 
It's only Tuesday and I'm looking forward to the weekend already! What about you?!
Also if you're a Crafty Peep and you haven't signed up for the Crafty Peep Swap you need to please! :) 
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Crafty Peep Swap!

header peep swap
I'm excited to announce the Crafty Peep Swap hosted by Amber and me!! 
So here's the scoop: 
1. ANYONE, anywhere can participate in the Crafty Peep Swap! 
2. You will only have to make one AWESOME craft to swap!
3. You have til Friday April 15th to signup! If you'd like to participate all you have to do is comment with your name AND email me at!
4. Your creation will need to be completed by Friday April 29th.  
5. By Sunday April 17th Amber and I will pair you up with your swap partner and email you! Then you email your partner letting them know who you are and ask for their address! So you'll receive a very awesome Spring handmade item  and have a new crafty friend! You do not need to be a blogger to participate, I know there's a bunch of you out there (I use to be one)- come on! Comment! Play with us! :) Your Spring Craft can be any medium; crochet, sewn, felt, buttons, paper, fabric, ribbon, string, etc. Now since you are only making one, make it extra awesome! I think that's it!! 
***If for any reason you are not able to meet the swap date let me and your swap partner know, things happen, but just let us know so they can get a new partner!*** 
You can post your progress and finished crafts here at the Strumpet's Crumpets Craft flickr group! Ok spread the word (tweet, blog, etc. with this art) about the Crafty Peep Swap!
Ready, set, sign up!!!


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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Family, tea, and one finished afghan!

My brother surprised me by coming home from Tallanasty (Tallahassee/FSU) this weekend! I was stoked! We met up with my friend Lydie and I FINALLY gave her the afghan I've been making her! Wootwoot! She liked it! :) Lydia and I when to TeBalla on Davis Island, which is a sorta new super great loose leaf tea spot! Lydie is a tea pro, I only like going to tea places with her haha! 
Danny and Eli skipped shells in the bay while waiting for us. Picking out good tea takes time! ;) 
The weather was so nice my dad and I took Eli to see the American Victory ship in the bay (we got to go for freenintynine -wootwoot)! Then I took Eli and Mickey to the park for some skateboarding. Mickey does NOT like to skateboard ps! It was a very good Saturday!
How's your weekend?!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

3rd Week of Spring via my iPhone

This week I decided to do the whole 3rd week of Spring! It was one of those weekends where we did a ton but didn't take that many photos, so I combined the weekend and week - tada! We went tubing with the little ones, which is always hilarious! We got a Kinect for the xBox and it's super amazing! Have you seen one? You don't need a remote! Your body controls everything on the screen - technology is amazing!!!
I haven't been too crafty lately which is the BIGGEST bummer to me! I have been crocheting a blanket for something super special! I can't say yet ;)  Oh I got my peacock, which the amazing, wonderful, sweet Steph Dillon drew and illustrated, colored in this week. Take a look at Steph's shop - Thirty One!
Mickey is still as CUTE as ever! So crazy and so lovey! The elves are still on the move - yes still! I got the awesome print by Shawn Hileman that I've been wanting from Urban Outfitters! And that's about it! Oh we've been on a diet, but not a diet really it's a life style change. We use to eat so so bad! I haven't had diet coke in 2 month - I haven't even snuck it! I rarely get headaches now, and when I was drinking my weight in diet coke I got a headache everyday! My aunt sent me an article about aspartame - read it, you'll never drink or eat it again! So for now I've been eat alot less carbs, which is like death to me haha! I will say eating more protein in the morning makes me feel better for the rest of the day! So theirs our week in a nut shell! How was your 3rd week of Spring? What are you doing this weekend!?
Oh and Thank you everyone for your sweet comments about my dad's guitar!!
Now you all know why he is the coolest! ;)
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why my dad is the coolest.....

Just look what my dad made - a handmade guitar! It's so perfect! I love the wood grain lines! So on top of being the most awesome person I know, my dad is SUPER crafty, just look here! He makes the most beautiful things, I'd like him to have an etsy, maybe when he retires! What to you all think!? How awesome is this guitar!? Please leave lots of comments letting him know! :)
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scrabble Love

Sweet Rosie sent me these Scrabble Cookies last night! They are so awesome! Last week she sent me the link to the amazing Scrabble Cake! I want both the cookies and cake now! Some people are cake people and some are cook people! I happen to be both! ;)
 I forget if I saw this on Twitter or if it was emailed to me!? I hate when that happens! 
But aren't these greeting cards so sweet! 
 And these Scrabble Pillows!!!! OMG! I want these ones specifically! Can I do a wedding registry on etsy? ;) I wish! COZY! <3

Lauren and I both THANK YOU for all the dress LOVE! :) 

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Maid of Honor Dress Update!

My sister Lauren is my maid of honor (of course!)! For the wedding I told her she could pick any dress she wanted as long as it was sorta in theme with the carnival (happy, not too fancy, short, etc.)! Look what she picked! It's a blue lacy Betsey Johnson dress! It's amazing! 
 She had it sent to me because she is in Boston doing her externship. And rather than having it left on her doorstep there, she had it ship here. She instructed me to try it on and show her! You know order clothes through the mail can be tricky! Luckily, we are the same size and shape - height, weight - you get it! 
 So here are the photos! Lauren has longer hair than me so she gonna look like a zillion bucks in this dress with her hair done up all cute! I'm so stoked for her to come home and try it on herself! 
So Lauren hurry up and graduate ;) 
And get home and help me plan! I miss you and love you so much! 
So what do you all think!? Lauren is gonna be too cute right!?
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sugar Bunnies!

I like Spring because I get to decorate with sweet, sugar bunnies! Be it peeps or plastic bunnies - they make any cookie or cupcake cuter! On Friday I make cookies, cupcakes, and brownies for work - get everyone zippy on sugar! I was so tired after baking so much! I love Bake it Pretty and HeyYoYo for decorating sweets! Neon food coloring and Peeps packs (only 2 for $.99 at the grocery store) are also awesome! What are you using for Spring Time decorations? I'm curious! I'm in a decorating food mood! :)
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Dexter Notepad Winners!

The 3 winners are........Jim Doran, Jodie, and Rachael
Wootwoot!! Each will receive 3 creepy Dexter Notepads! 
These winners were pick by the official Strumpet's Crumpets Giveaway PICKER! ;)

Jim, I've never watched Millennium! I've tried to watch Lost, but laugh to much and was so confused! Who wrote that? I get that it's suppose to be a deeper meaning but it was super nuts to me! Jodie, Dexter is awesome!! Rachael, I LOVE your "don't judge" - no judging here! I get stuck watching iCarly and SpongeBob and sometimes Eli isn't even home - so don't judge ;)
Yay to the winners!! 
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April 1st!

 See you later March! April is here! Look at how cute April's paper craft calendar is from The Curiosity Group! Download it here! Very clever! Here's more paper crafts if you're interested!
 Hope your April has started out great!

 Remember you have until tonight to signup for the Dexter Notepad Giveaway! Signup here! :)

Also today I pulled my first real April Fools joke.... and it went awry - whompwhomp! (it was still funny to me) I did the old take a screen shot of the desktop and hide all the icon in a folder, then make the desktop   the screen shot (which includes the icons) - and then when they click on the icons nothing happens! hahahaha! But the receiver of the joke was alittle mad because work was a bit stressful this morning! I brought them starbucks as a peace offering! Did you pull any pranks today!? I wanna hear about them!
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