Friday, April 8, 2011

3rd Week of Spring via my iPhone

This week I decided to do the whole 3rd week of Spring! It was one of those weekends where we did a ton but didn't take that many photos, so I combined the weekend and week - tada! We went tubing with the little ones, which is always hilarious! We got a Kinect for the xBox and it's super amazing! Have you seen one? You don't need a remote! Your body controls everything on the screen - technology is amazing!!!
I haven't been too crafty lately which is the BIGGEST bummer to me! I have been crocheting a blanket for something super special! I can't say yet ;)  Oh I got my peacock, which the amazing, wonderful, sweet Steph Dillon drew and illustrated, colored in this week. Take a look at Steph's shop - Thirty One!
Mickey is still as CUTE as ever! So crazy and so lovey! The elves are still on the move - yes still! I got the awesome print by Shawn Hileman that I've been wanting from Urban Outfitters! And that's about it! Oh we've been on a diet, but not a diet really it's a life style change. We use to eat so so bad! I haven't had diet coke in 2 month - I haven't even snuck it! I rarely get headaches now, and when I was drinking my weight in diet coke I got a headache everyday! My aunt sent me an article about aspartame - read it, you'll never drink or eat it again! So for now I've been eat alot less carbs, which is like death to me haha! I will say eating more protein in the morning makes me feel better for the rest of the day! So theirs our week in a nut shell! How was your 3rd week of Spring? What are you doing this weekend!?
Oh and Thank you everyone for your sweet comments about my dad's guitar!!
Now you all know why he is the coolest! ;)
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misslarissabree said...

I love your cute little family. So cute! Love the arm and good job on eating better!! Its hard sometimes!

Becky Farley said...

larissa - it's so difficult!! lol I stoppped having my favorite Starbucks drink! ;)

Lindsay said...

I love your iPhone photos! I wish mine would come out half as good!

Dorian said...

Pistachios are soo good. I wish they weren't so expensive so I could eat them every other day.

Deer Donna said...

your tattoo looks incredible!! i have a booking to add a peacock to my sleeve, but its taking foreeeever. hehe. xox