Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April 1st!

 See you later March! April is here! Look at how cute April's paper craft calendar is from The Curiosity Group! Download it here! Very clever! Here's more paper crafts if you're interested!
 Hope your April has started out great!

 Remember you have until tonight to signup for the Dexter Notepad Giveaway! Signup here! :)

Also today I pulled my first real April Fools joke.... and it went awry - whompwhomp! (it was still funny to me) I did the old take a screen shot of the desktop and hide all the icon in a folder, then make the desktop   the screen shot (which includes the icons) - and then when they click on the icons nothing happens! hahahaha! But the receiver of the joke was alittle mad because work was a bit stressful this morning! I brought them starbucks as a peace offering! Did you pull any pranks today!? I wanna hear about them!
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The Krafty Cupcake said...

I didn't bother with April fool's. What I find funny no-one else seems to and it always (for me) falls a bit flat!) No sense of humour! - stressed out or not it should have put a smile on their face ha ha never mind so long as you found it funny who cares. Sue x

Sway said...

Haha - sad it didn't pay off, but I think it was funny too :) My bro-in-law, a chef, sent me a message when I just woke up, telling me he was on his way to hospital as he had cut his finger off at the knuckle.... 5mins later a very sleepy-headed Sway is in the car on the way to the hospital..... I called to see where in the hospital he was.....
I am Aprils Fool. And he owes me dinner!