Monday, April 18, 2011

Spy Birthday Party Invitations!

The little one is turning 7 soon, I named some cool themes off to him, which included Legos, but once he saw the spy theme on My Paper Crane he was stoked! These were the invitations on My Paper Crane, note the tiny paper, very awesome idea, but we do these tiny notes from our elves so I wanted to keep the tiny note making to the elves if you get me!
birthday invitations for a spy birthday
So awhile back I was going through Martha's site for wedding stuff and found these Encrypted Save the Dates. Personally I wouldn't want a spy themed wedding, but probably a lot of people wouldn't want a carnival wedding, so to each his own! So Martha who I love/hate tells you where to find the decoders and gives you the PDF for the crazy red swirls! So I did a test run on Friday at work! I dropped the PDF of the crazy red swirls into Photoshop and used a little blue font behind it. Daniel (designer) suggested this digital looking font from We kept testing it to see if it looked ok! Once we were satisfied we printed an 11x17 sheet of them.
Secret Decoder Invitations!
The photo is difficult to read, but in real life it's super easy and awesome!
This note saids:
Elias is turning 7!
This note will self destructed in 10 seconds!
Eli suggested we "draw" a bomb on the back with a 10 on it hahaha!
Here is more awesome Spy Birthday stuff from My Paper Crane (ps she is my craft super hero if you didn't know;)) Bomb Cake, Marshmallow guns (obviously a hit with Eli), decorations - she's pretty awesome right!?
We need more ideas! So if you have any leave them in the comments please!
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Lauren said...

Eli is the coolest kid on the planet!!!

Also, you need to do candid black and white spy pictures of everyone at the party!

Becky Farley said...

bahahaha that's an awesome idea Lo! It will be will when I was 12 and got yelled at for taking pictures of everyone eating ;) good idea! I'll blame it on you!

elycia said...

oh my goodness, your little family is the cutest!! what a great idea!!

wonder forest said...

Love it, such a creative idea!! i would have never thought to make one of those decoder thingies! so cool!

Kat said...

What a cool idea for a party! And thanks for sharing her website. I will def be ducking over to check that out. I can't wait till I have kids and get to plan fun birthdays for them.

rosieposie said...

what a fun idea!!! How about getting everyone to come in disguise? they're a bit young to give them a character, but even if they just have one of those lil glasses and moustache things it will be fun!

Out on a limb said...

I'm sure it will be an awesome party!

chelseybell. said...

so cool! he's going to have one awesome 7th birthday party.

Amber said...

That is going to be one cool bday party.... and so much better than McDonalds!! LOL! Wish I lived closer to help out with the party and the wedding...duh!

O. said...

fun party!