Monday, May 9, 2011

Arcade Weekend

The things I do ;)
We woke up super early (earlier than a work day) to head up to an arcade auction in Orlando. We've been to a few times before so I knew what I was in for (see here), but it's still fun to me! Plus I get to crochet the whole way and Eli plays every electronic device we have til it dies. We didn't buy anything this trip, but I did love that little soldier candy machine. On the way home Pinball Wizard came on the radio - I happen to know one! ;) That Pinball Wizard I know has been collecting parts for that Star Wars arcade game up there. It's pretty cool and almost all together! It works too! Woot woot! Our cars are going in the garage anytime soon, but I'm totally ok with that. I love that Brian has this crazy hobby, so now my hobbies won't look so crazy! ;) Does your guy or gal have crazy hobbies? I'd love to hear about them! Please!! :)
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sécia said...

Road trips are awesome!

♥ sécia

hellosundae said...

Oh my goodness, between me and Chris, I think we've got it covered. Vinyl toys, photography, video games, books out the wazoo, crochet, painting, jewelry, car stuff. Now he wants a pinball machine too! If it weren't for tons of different hobbies we'd all be boring!