Monday, May 2, 2011

May Paper Craft Calendar

The Curiosity Group has a new paper craft calendar for May! Meet May's Mean Tiki! April's was cute
I just love cutting them out and putting them together! I have a little collection on my desk at work! If I could I'd make paper crafts all day! Seriously. Do you know any clever paper craft sites? I'm always looking for good ones!
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Stephanie said...

Ooooh I like it! Paper crafts are so much fun. I like to make them at work when I need a little break. You need to start your own line! Strumpbot still sits on my desk!

Not One of Becky' Coworkers said...

That's the best calendar so far. You should make these for your coworkers who always print these for you.

O. said...

I love that little bird peeking out.

Too funny comment from your un-coworker.

Becky Farley said...

Stephanie - you need to make your own line :) please! You're the awesome graphic designer!

Dave - I will lol remind me!

Olivia - Me too! :)